Android Pie (9.0)

Does anyone else have Pie, and problems with Strava?  (also with Charity Miles).  It may be something to do with Pie, as it affects both apps.



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  • Since updating to pie my Strava doesn't record GPS or distance. I've checked the settings and permissions and all on!! Possible regression issue?

  • My problem was the battery saver. If it's on, turn it off

  • Since upgrading to Pie my recordings start then usually within 5 minutes they stop recording. Worked fine on the Pixel 2 prior to upgrading to Pie. 

  • I've been having problems too since upgrading to Android Pie.  Strava is tracking rides to some degree, but not identifying segments or time accurately.  Feels like it's losing the GPS connection - so it tracks inaccurately and thinks I'm stationary.

  • As Don mentioned, turning off Battery Saver fixed it here also.

  • Updated to Android Pie and Strava (other apps too) stoped tracking my bicycle rides. Everything worked fine Android Oreo. However Battery Saver is already off. Does somebody know how to fix it?

  • There is an issue with Strava and how runs in the background when you upgrade to Android Pie. Even with the battery saver off it shuts down. You can turn every "saving" tweak and it still stops. It does give a message that it has encountered an error. Hopefully the Strava folks are looking at the logs and seeing what is happening. The image you see on maps is the same as when you forget to turn battery save off, your me splits are huge and you are running as the crow flies.

    QA test Strava! You should have been running these test on the Pie development builds on all major devices and carriers!

    Fix it please!!!

  • I cant even download it on Pie!! pls fix it

  • I have got it working but I had to uninstall it and then opt in for the beta version. Steps to get it working on a Samsung Galaxy S9 UNLOCKED phone.

    1. Uninstall Strava
    2. Reboot Phone
    3. Opt-in to the Strava beta version via Google Play store
    4. Wait to get the OK that you are part of beta
    5. Install beta version
    6. Reboot

    Go test it out. Make sure to have battery saver off and letting app run in background. It's working for now but have another run today and will update.

  • Jason Strong's suggestion fixed it. I also disabled battery optimization for Strava, but I didn't try it without it first. Thank you! Strava, get this update pushed out already!!!!

  • Had Strava crash on me almost every ride after the Pie upgrade.

    Now found a solution that works for me (Onplus 5T).

    1. Start Strava App

    2. Open the App Overview (right button on the android menu)

    3. Lock the Strava App via the menu (three little dots above the app)

    4. bob's your uncle





  • @Raymond Löhr - I don't see "App Overview" anywhere (running Pie on a Pixel2 XL).  Can you post with an image showing where this function is? 

  • I lost a hike on Thursday because of this foolishness.  Luckily I also track with my Garmin watch (which is deficient in hike length because the watch GPS stinks) but I was able to at least import the Garmin activity to Strava.

    Trying to follow Jason's suggestion above, I have tried to find the beta release as that looks like it might work.  I joined the Strava Google Groups area but am still unsure as to how to load the beta.

  • Strava v99 no longer works after move to Android 9 pie. GPS data tracking stops when screen locked

  • Turn off Battery Optimization for Strava and it should fix it.

  • Allo !

    Strava issue on Android 9 pie... It doesn't look like just a small peace of nut. 

    It's already 30 minutes i'm reading about such issue...

    May there be an officiel answer or workaround from Strava somewhere ?

    Thanks a lot.


  • It's baaaaack! Same issue as before, it just stops when you are running. Tells you it's run into an issue and has recovered. I submitted the issue and hopefully they look at the logs. It has been working for months since I posted the fix. Maybe last update hosed it. Still, log files should help them. PS, I am running beta version, it's 109 at 8:45pm and I did 8 miles, maybe the app overheats!!! LOL

  • Second time running with app and it happens again. Actually, I was joking about the over heating in the previous post but my phone was blazing hot after run today.

    Going to uninstall, reboot and install again and try tomorrow.

    Running latest S9 Android update ... 5SCF1

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