Improving the gear section, multiple wheelsets etc

I would like it a lot if you could change the cycling gear section a bit, which I love because I like tracking all of the miles on various components especially on my commuter bike. Can you make it to where you can have 2 or more wheels, rotors (where applicable), tires and cassette for each bike and still track the total miles on these components without retiring them? I was thinking like a sub-category under each bike showing the default/current set-up that you can choose for each bike whenever necessary because I have 2 wheel sets for my fast bike complete with tires and a cassette and I occasionally swap them back and forth as well as several sets of tires for the commuter for various conditions. I know that a lot of racers do this as well so I think that it would be well received community wide.

Folks, chime in and share your thoughts on this as well as your ideas/suggestions and maybe Strava will be so kind as to incorporate this improvement



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  • Thanks for adding your thoughts, James!

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  • Totally agree with you.

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  • If you want to have better control of your bikes and components usage, I suggest you have a look at

    It’s a comprehensive bike maintenance app that helps you to stay on top of your gear’s usage in mileage, hours and number of activities based on your Strava rides.

    If you have multiple components, you can swap them on your bikes and keep track of their usage. You can also assign a component to another component, for example, if you need to swap tires on your wheelset you can keep track of their usage separately.

    It also provides the ability to create a maintenance plan and keep a service history so that you know when you last serviced your gear and how long they last.

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  • I found this thread when I wanted to suggest the same thing. More riders have a bike that does multiple things, so they might have a wheel and tyre designated for indoor training, they may have a summer and a winter wheelset. The current way the gear section works it is not possible to track mileage on wheels that get swapped on the same bike. This would be really useful. 

    My suggestion would be having an enable or make primary slider separate to retire/delete, and have the option to add multiple wheels. 

    Also the ability to move gear from one bike to another and retain the miles already completed. So a tyre you move from one bike to another for example. I have done this but have instead put in brackets on the new entry the miles completed so far.

    The gear section is very very useful when you do a lot of miles, to understand if your tyres need extra attention for example because they have hit mileage that might be near end of their life.

    I also have found it interesting to see how long gear lasts comparing winter and summer, so some tyres than can last 5000 miles can only last 3000 miles in lots of bad winter riding. You really can see the difference.

    Finally there could do with being the option to add other components not listed for example Jockey Wheels being replaced on derailleurs, to do this I used the rotor option as I don't have disc brakes so it is not something I need.

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