Unable to select Privacy setting when saving an activity

 After pressing STOP, the app gives the option to  Resume or Finish, but it doesn't allow me to set "Private/Me only" from the get-go.  It says I can go back and edit the activity to make these changes.  I absolutely need to set Private, BEFORE the activity is saved.  Used to be we could select the bike, title the activity, and set the privacy BEFORE saving.  I would like to see this option given back to us.



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  • Hi David,

    You can update your privacy settings to the default for all uploaded activities. You can read more about that here: https://support.strava.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000164850-Profile-Page-Privacy-Controls

  • What's the point of the change? It was much easier to just mark private/public when saving rather than waiting for the file to upload. Default settings don't help because a lot of my rides are commutes that I don't want public and equally a lot are normal rides that I do. This just adds more waiting to do something that could previously be done instantly.

  • As Patrick mentions, a default setting doesn't solve anything if you're about 50/50 on the Private/Public settings.  Also, we could delete the activity before uploading/synching. If I choose instead to upload my Garmin GPS data to Strava, because I like setting "laps" during the activity, I have to save the Strava Android app data first, then delete it, so I can upload the Garmin data!  Otherwise, without deleting the activity, Strava won't let me upload/synch the Garmin data, because it is a "duplicate" activity.  Also factor in that I like to have ReLive videos generated for some rides.  I can upload Garmin data via the Strava website, using my PC, and setting to Private/Me Only, and still get a Relive video.  Private Android activities will not generate a Relive video.

    Strava likes to say they give us users  "control of our privacy and our data", but they really don't with this app since in my case, because of the default setting (that will allow generating  Relive videos on non Private activities) I have to upload, save, then edit to create a Private activity!  I do not like the fact that I cannot set the activity to Private initially.

  • This change is really bad, due to it I will stop using Strava for my commute, for these activities I log direct via mobile app. For all other I use Garmin, and there I need to edit anyway after sync, so that will stay for now.

    So please Strava, change this back to as it was before!!

  • The app is definitely less useful and less fun to use due to this change. I simply don't understand why Strava thinks it's OK to force a user to upload incorrect and private data for all the world to see and then edit it later. Once it's public, always public.

  • I agree this change is bad. I vary between different bikes and want to flag my rides as ebike or commute etc,as well as titling it and adding photos at the time of finishing.. having to wait for it to upload then refresh my stream, then open and edit is not intuitive. Tonight i had to go through the past weeks "afternoon rides" and tried to figure what they were to add a backlog of metadata. Which bike did i ride Wednesday?

  • Well, Strava earned a community "kudo.".  Noticed that the previous upload options have been restored!  THANK YOU!

  • I was actually pretty surprised when the next ride I did after posting my comment, the upload options were restored.

    Thanks Strava!

  • I dont know how you got the previous options back but mine still tells me "resume or finish" and its public and usually the wrong activity until I get a chance to change it. Please tell me how to change it back. Thanks

  • Hey Alex,
    I didn't have to do anything; the options/selections came up automatically. Maybe you need to uninstall/install the Strava app. Or submit a ticket to Strava support. Good luck!

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