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  • I am having issues with Strava on my Oppo A75. What are your issues?

    For me it will record some of the run, but stop randomly and lose my session. When I go into it to try to register a run on another day the old session has often been reactivated again. I am having similar issues with Runtastic and occasionally with the Nike Run App. I tried to reset my GPS but no help. Am thinking it might be something to do with Auto Pause, as often it stops at these points and does not resume. I will go for a run today without Auto Pause and see what difference this makes. 

  • I am also facing same issue on my oppo f9 pro my run is lost when I move to some other app on my phone. However once I run in an event that day strava records properly but not on my regular track... It seems some compatibility issue with strava app

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