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Is there a setting I could use in the app to manage the type of information shown for my activities in the Feed?

In my Feed, I usually only see Distance and Elevation Gain information displayed just under the activity name. Sometimes, Time or Pace is also shown - but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it.

For some athletes I am following, their activities always show fuller information - i.e. Distance, Time, Pace.



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  • Same question here : I would like to see my " Pace " show on all activities. How does one set this as a standard ?

    Looking forward to a reply, thanks.


  • It seems that the pace is not shown if it is slower than normal... After all isn't strava about bragging....
    Though I do wish it'd go back to showing all three. Distance, pace and gain.

  • Same again, I would like to see my pace not elevation, how do I change this? 

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