Strava issues with oneplus 6

I have a OnePlus 6 and Strava doesn't work.
I've read on internet that it's a famous problem.

Do you plan to fix it?

Matjeu Luciani

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  • Same issue, phone just updated to os 9.0.3, app runs even worse

  • Same issue on oneplus 6. GPS problem after 15 minutes or so the system stops recording.

  • Same issue here. Strava is basically inoperable now.

  • Hey Folks, 

    There's an issue we've been investigating with OnePlus phones using the OxygenOS where our app is killed when it’s in the background for a while. The operating system has a daemon called `BgDetect` that appears to kill backgrounded processes that it thinks are using ‘too much’ CPU. You could try these tips below, but at this point, there is no confirmed fix:

    • Run Strava and start a recording.
    • Go to the home screen by touching the middle button.
    • On the home screen touch the right button which will bring the recent app or background app list.
    • Scroll to Strava but don't touch it else it will come back to the foreground. If it does come back to foreground repeat steps above.
    • There is a small lock icon on the Strava app. Click it to lock it. Default seems to be unlocked.
    • Now Oxygen Os will not close this app and will allow it to run in the background.

    Hope this helps! 

  • A (not ideal solution) is to install Wahoo, link it to Strava, and have Wahoo do the recording.  The downside is that Wahoo to function seems to want to have the screen unlocked, which will impact battery life.  Once the ride is finished, then upload it to Strava, via Wahoo.  

  • Hi Jeff, thanks! This works fine for me! Ik was able to record today.
    Br Erik

  • I will try that solution !!! Thanks.

  • I just tried AND IT WORKS !!! Thanks again.


  • I have the same issue with my OP 6 (witch has been quite annoying!!!). I'll try Jeff's suggestion too. Thanks a million.

  • I can testify that clicking the lock icon does in fact work. Strava doesn't get killed during recording. Thanks for the help.

  • Thank's again Jeff!! It works perfectly!!! I tried it a couple of days ago. No glitches. It's not the most practical operation, and it's a pity that either STRAVA, or Oneplus, or android (because this is not exclusive to Oneplus. I have friends with other android phones with the same problem), don't solve this issue... but until then, we can continue to use STRAVA.

  • Hello Jeff!

    I can't see the lock on the corner can you please help me. I can attach snapshot too.

  • Hey Pratima, click on the 3 dots in the top right hand corner there you will see the lock unlock option

  • Actually the workaround is only partially successful after six hours it crashes it regardless of whether it's locked or not

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