Block indoor activities, like Zwift, from showing in my "following" feed.

Like many people I have no interest in seeing other people's indoor activities in my feed. A main reason I follow people is to see the routes they ride, as such ZR activities have no interest for me.


The ability to have these filtered out would greatly enhance my Strava experience and ultimately prevent me from logging put of Strava in the long term.



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  • I fully agree, the Zwift, Watopia and so on activities are so boring and annoying.
    The speed and the heigt meter don't refer to "real life"

    And I know many people who think the same.


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  • +1 from me. If I wasn't paying for premium, I'd definitely pay for it for the ability to control my feed (hide virtual activities and things like yoga)

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  • Yes - lots of activity on this matter here

    But Strava don't see their future in obtaining revenue from its users - they get more $ by promoting things like Zwift, SufferFest etc. 

    Not a chance of this happening. But yes - wouldn't it be lovely if you could just see actual geo activity on a GPS based app like Strava - what a wish!! 



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