Strava Live only works for flat/uphill sections.

Using Polar Flow you can only sync flat or uphill sections with the Strava Live feature. This makes the Strava Live feature on the Polar V650, for example, a completely useless feature for mountains bikers how might wish to use the bike computer for more than just pedalling uphill.

There are many, many mountain bikers use mainly use Strava for recording their times on downhill sections of trails. And not having the ability to link Strava Live to these downhill sections is a real shame.

I really hope that Strava and/or Polar put their heads together and fix this issue.



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  • If its possible, hopefully it can be done on a Wahoo as well

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  • Along with the rest of you, I’ve tried for hours to get certain segments onto my 530. Glad I finally found this post, I will also be cancelling my membership when the trail is over if this can’t be sorted. It’s the only reason I’d ever pay for Strava. 
    It’s absolutely bonkers that small gradients aren’t allowed now. 

    Strava please change this and let us know. 

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  • I just spent hours trying to figure out why only some of my starred segments would sync with my Garmin Edge 530. One reason I bought the Edge was for the live segment functionality. There are roads that I would consider flat but yet Strava claims is -0.4 degrees. I wanted to have the ability to know the starts and finishes and if I beat my PR and now the only segments I can add are climbs. Like others stated, if you are really pushing you don’t even have time to look at the display. I see no reason to have the paid subscription vs the free version with this limit set in place. I will be cancelling before my 2 month free period ends.

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  • But in strava app dh segments works! why in app and not in Edge!

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  • I just spent hours trying to figure out why only some of my starred segments would sync with my Garmin Edge 530


    same here. this is ridiculous! We pay for it, why we can`t use it?

    Moreover look at the segment just flat road! Why why i cant add it to garmin? 


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  • So, I just bought a Lezyne Super Pro GPS, focusing mainly on Live segments. I ride a lot of dirt roads and half of my happiness while riding is the long descents I usually face.
    I starred lots of segments that are descents and they didn't showed up on my device. I thought I was doing something wrong, maybe the app wasn't running adequately or, maybe, the device was showing some inconsistency. I reinstalled the app, returned the device to the original state and even created new Segments on Strava, but nothing worked.
    Now I see this information and I'm really annoyed! I only bought the Lezyne because of the live segments, but now I can't even use them as I wanted to! This ridiculous limit of % makes no sense! Just review your terms and conditions of use and give the responsibility to me, I decide what to use and when to use, you just offer the service as always.
    Don't make me cancel my subscription!

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