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Every time I sent mi wife the text message with the beacon, when she opens the link it says that my activity hasn't started. I payed for the summit exclusively for this feature and it doesn't work. How can I fix this? If not possible, can I please get a refund for what I paid for the summit?



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  • I'm having exactly the same issue. It's not worked for the last 5 days.

  • I've been experiencing the same thing for weeks. Why is there no support for this?

  • Same.

    I bought the beacon part of summit last night. Used beacon this morning and my wife sent me screenshots of it not working.

  • I cancelled my Summit subscription.


    Whatsapp have a feature where you can share your live location.


    It's free and it doesn't use a public URL.

  • Have you raised a support ticket with Strava? 

    I logged out of Strava, restarted my phone, then logged back in again and that fixed it for me.  

    Additionally, I got this advice from the Support team...

    Sorry for the trouble. This usually indicates that your phone's GPS may need some troubleshooting or your safety contact may have clicked on an outdated activity link.

    Can you first try turning your phone completely off/on and then flipping location services off/on? Before your next activity, wait several minutes with a clear view of the sky so your phone can get a strong connection.

    If that doesn't help, this may be caused by certain Android settings. There are a few possible culprits and some of them are unique to the make/model of Android, so please check the following:

    • Find your phone's location settings and make sure that you are using the option that allows for best GPS performance/accuracy.
    • Find and disable your phone's battery saver settings. These are typically located in Settings > Battery > Hamburger (top right 3 dots) > Battery Saver (screenshot attached).
    • If your phone has a battery management mode, please turn it to "off" instead of "medium" or "high". 

    If you continue having trouble after giving that a try, could you try adding your phone own phone number as a safety contact and clicking the Beacon link to see if you experience similar issues yourself?

  • I have tried all of the above, without any success... It seems to me that the product is indeed faulted, I canceled my subscription and got a refund for what I paid.

  • I am experiencing the same problem.  It was working fine up until about 2 weeks ago, then mysteriously stopped.  I send the text link, but the recipient just sees a message that I have not started my activity - meanwhile, I ride for many miles and the activity is recorded as normal.  No changes on my phone settings, the problem seems to be on Strava's end.

  • I am having the same issue which started around 3-4 weeks ago and am struggling to get support - 2 weeks so far and no resolution.  Only suggestion that has worked is deleting the app, phone off and reloading the app.  It worked once and the problem then returned so this is not a sustainable solution. 

    Has anybody had a long term fix?

    I will be looking for a refund on my subscription. 

    My ticket number is

  • I'm having the same issue. I purchased this service for my safety, but it is not working at all. I have done all of the above suggestions. It's very frustrating to be paying for a service that does not work. 

  • Strava tech support were pretty good with me once I opened a trouble ticket.  The fix suggested was same as the one above - uninstall the app, reboot the phone, reinstall the app.  Has worked OK for the 3 activities since then.  Hope it does not return - I'll let them know if it does.

  • If I uninstall the app, will I lose all of my run history?


  • No - your record is safe online with Strava.  You will have to adjust your personal settings back from the defaults.

  • A week on and still no solution. Unfortunately it seems both I and my emergency contact need to spend half of our lives getting continual screen grabs to show the issues. Having deleted the auto pause function as recommended it seems to have changed the problem. My emergency contact now sees a map but the information permanently that the ride has been completed. 

    Just seems like Strava either don’t understand the problem or know about it from the number of issues but do not actually know why or what to do.  Unfortunately given everything being handled by a help desk in US just extends the delay. 

    Unfortunately, time to look for an alternative, very unfortunate. 

  • I tried all of the workarounds suggested, unfortunately, none of them worked. What I had to do was request a refund for what I had paid for the Summit (they refunded it promptly) and started using WhatsApp to share my real time location during my rides.

    What it seems to me is that they're selling an incomplete or faulted product, since they could not solve my (or anyone else's issue with this).

    I strongly suggest that everyone experiencing some kind of issue with the beacon to request a refund for what you paid and start using some other alternative to share your location, like WhatsApp.

  • I had done all of the steps suggested by Strava above but to no avail. However, I have had no problems with Beacon since completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my Samsung S8+. I wish I had done it earlier. I'm happy, and more importantly, my wife is happy.

    Good luck.

  • Just cancelled my subscription for exactly this reason. This was the primary feature which made me sign up for premium - safety. If this doesn't work, then I'm wasting 8+ bucks a month.

  • Was unable to resolve the issue after a month with Strava support team. Did try uninstalling and reinstalling the App but it was still unstable after 1 use. 

    Have now purchased a Garmin and will use their Live Track solution instead which is free to use.  Really disappointing that Strava appear to have a problem with a number of users but seem incapable of diagnosing the root cause. I cannot tell you how many screen shots I have forwarded from both my own and my wife’s phones of the issues. 

  • I'm having exactly the same issue! It has not been working for the past three months...

  • The error message "activity has not started" means exactly that. So, I start recording my workout first, then send the Beacon to my contact, and it functions perfectly. BTW, I also linked my Garmin Edge 520 to my Beacon, and have my phone connected to the Garmin Connect App while riding. These steps last two steps may or may not be necessary, but doing all three will resolve your frustration... Matt

  • My beacon doesn t work for 3 weeks. I pau summit, I still don t know what to do. I reset my phone, reinstalled strava and nothing.

  • I think I may have solved my issue which is similar to all of the above. My beacon contacts would not get location updates from my Garmin. However straight from Strava app would work.

    My solution:
    In Garmin connect under live track Enable group track visible to all connections.

  • This has raised it's head again.
    My husbands Beacon is giving me the "weve not seen this athlete...." again.

    Anyone else having issues?

  • I used to use Beacon but am now not paying for Strava. Despite this, when starting an activity, I have the option to send a text to my Beacon contacts. I recently went for a ride and said "yes, text my Beacon contacts", but no text was actually sent, thus giving me a false sense of security. The app should not tell me it's going to let my contacts track me if it is not actually contacting them. 

  • Just uninstalled and again installed Strava - now it works. Hope it will also last.
    * android v. 5.1.1

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