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So I'm using my new samsung galaxy watch which with the wealth of data in the samsung health app is working out great however I have also set up to sync samsung health info to strava.   Slight issues noticed with this, If i exercise in the morning, the sync is instant, great. However later exercises don't seem to sync until the following day.  Still its getting there eventually so no big deal.   I've been reading forums and seem to agree that this might be some sort of daily api sync limit. Fine Is it fixable to make it instant?

However Just playing with the watch and learning, another issue, this time I decided to install the strava app for the watch... All i can say is useless.  Each time I use it it records a few minutes of the walk/run. Yet it shows its recording all the way till the end.  It syncs instantly but only the first few minutes then rest of data is lost.  Any Ideas? Until this is fixed The strava app may as well be uninstalled and just sync through samsung health.



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  • Hi Dave,

    I too have been experiencing issues with my watch. I use the Strava app for galaxy watch and recorded 2 runs and a cycle in 1 week not a problem. Synced within seconds, full duration and no data loss. Then the other day I tried to sync my latest activity and it just won't have it. Not sure why, hopefully there's an explanation or review of this as it seems to be quite a common issue.


  • Hi.. just bought galaxy watch.. 2 runs so far .. synced quick from Samsung health to strava... BUT ... pace (1k sections) dist, time are different.. how comparable are yours?

  • Also find pace on watch as I run is all over the place?? But reasonable when recorded afterwards.

  • Samsung Health (Galaxy watch and S9 phone) was syncing to Strava automatically without any problems  for most of 2018 year. Problems started happenning sometime in January 2019. Runs are recorded in Samsung Health (phone), but never sync to Strava. What happened? I did disconnect strava from Samsung Health, and then reconnect again. Did not help. Restarted my watch and my phone - sync still does not work.

    Strava app on the watch is useless. "Settings" has very few real settings. No way to set voice announcements, screen layout, etc. No Swimming app. So I have to use Samsung watch native apps. 

    Strava tries to get me buy Summit with a monthly fee. There is no way I am going to buy anything unless the infrastructure is working. 

    Will start doing some research on strava alternatives.

  • Hmm have the same issue unfortunatly I just bought summit to use the combination of the samsungs watch and strava..... 

  • I also have the problem. I used my Wear Os watch for a short walk. When I came home, it synced immediately but says I walked 0.14 miles for 3:30 moving time. The map shows my entire route which I know it is about a mile and a half.

    This makes using the app on the watch useless.

  • I compared my new Galaxy watch active 's recording against one simultaneously done using Strava-recording on my Huawei P20pro, and they both give very close matching results, eg: P20pro = 9.43km distance, 405m climb against Galaxy watch active = 9.46km / 411m . That's for a short hike..
    Pretty convincing, I guess can leave the P20pro at home😉
    One point I noticed is crucial , on the watch ensure the Strava app has gps signal, visible through a tiny location-symbol lighting up, before starting activity..

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