Strava beacon not working

The beacon is not working. I only purchased the premium version for the beacon feature and it has not been working for the past couple months. My activity records fine. However, when my partner clicks the beacon link I sent to her, it just says that my activity has not started. I followed the troubleshooting advice already on the forum. Still no dice. This is very disappointing.



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  • After more than a year from the original post, I am yet another frustrated Strava Summit customer who has been experiencing a similar issue, i.e. my partner gets a text (and an email too, as I have also activated this feature on Garmin Connect) but the link says I have not started my run (and I cycle, I do not run). Please see attached screenshot.

    It’s getting incredibly annoying now as I have tried all possible solutions suggested in Strava FAQ and above by other users (including uninstalling Strava and Garmin Connect from my phone and installing them on my partner's to see if there was an issue with my phone) and nothing works.

    Could someone from Strava show some form of respect for their paying customers and advise on this issue?

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  • I am getting the same problem as Davide, and I have also tried resetting, reloading, re-installing etc etc. This is most annoying. I will not be renewing my subscription unless this issue is resolved. Strava, please advise?

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  • Same issue here. Tried reinstalling both Strava and Connect. Very annoying! Especially as Strava are just about to charge me £48! In case any one from Strava reads this, I'm on a Garmin Edge 520, latest firmware, Samsung Galaxy S10e Android 10.

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  • Rudy Ferro


    Same problem here, Im cancelling mine subscription. 

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  • Hi! Also voicing in on this. Partner is using Beacon to let me know where they are. The text is send, the link works, I even get a live update... For about the first 30 minutes. Four consecutive rides in a row have now stopped syncing on exactly the same point - still shows most recent update, but location dot is not moving anymore.

    Absolutely ridiculous, since the actual strava activities are uploaded correct afterwards. Anyone experienced this as well?

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