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My Garmin watch does not calibrate to the treadmills I use.

Quite simply the distances uploaded to Strava are always wrong.

I don't want to create a manual entry as it won't have data from my heart rate monitor.

The Training Peaks and Garmin apps that I use, both allow me to edit the distances that I record.

Why does Strava not offer this function?

Thanks for any responses in advance.



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  • In case you have inaccurate indoor training distance data from your Garmin watch (mine is a Forerunner 245), here's a work around that worked for me.  
    For my Garmin Forerunner 245 watch, when I used my treadmill, the watch had to be calibrated to read what the treadmill reads.
    Today, I did a 4.63 km run on my treadmill, but my Garmin watch said it was 6.83 kms which is obviously a large error.  I did the correction on my watch after the workout.  I synced this to Garmin Connect and it was accurate on Garmin Connect, but the issue is that Strava doesn't see the calibrated result and posted 6.83 km.  This is a known issue with Strava/Garmin that has not been fixed yet.
    Here's how to correct:
    1.  In Garmin Connect (on a computer), go to the activity that you want to export and select the settings symbol (gear) and "Export to TCX".  Save this file somewhere where you can find it.
    2.  Open this website:
    3.  Choose the TCX file you just downloaded.
    4.  In "Methodology", select "Scale only (enter scaling factor below)"
    5.  In "Distance scaling factor (default 1.0)", enter the factor to correct the distance.  In my case it's 4.63/6.83=0.6779
    6.  Click "Submit"
    7.  Select "Export TCX"
    8.  It will give a default name titled "out", but you can change it to whatever name you want.  This is the file you need to upload into Strava.
    9.  In Strava (website), select the + button next to your profile picture to allow you to add an entry from a saved file.  Select "File" and then "Choose Files" and select the file that you saved.
    10.  The corrected distance will be displayed and your heart rate info won't be lost!
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  • It should be possible to edit the distance in general, not just for treadmill activities. GPS distance is often too short on trails, and when finishing a trail race it would be nice to set the distance to the official distance to have the pace right.

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  • Maybe now Strava are flush with all the new subscription income they might consider making distance editable, even if only for customers paying for their service.

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  • Its funny. I am coming from Endomondo to Strava, because most of my friends are on Strava. Strava costs about the double of Endomondo per month. And Strava does not allow me to edit the distance of my treadmill workouts!? I have done this on Endomondo for years. I think I have to stay on Endomondo then...

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  • This means that I can't use Strava for anything serious. It's ridiculous and it's a shame.

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