Adding Summit Packs to membership


I'm currently a summit member with one of the packs, when trying to add an additional pack Strava wants to bill me for both packs rather than the one additional pack. Any advice welcome.





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  • Just a guess, but maybe they’ll refund what’s left of your current pack and start a new subscription, so that the new pack aligns with the old.

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  • So George, did ou received the refund? I m in the same situation. 

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  • same problem here

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  • +1 Any updates on this issue?

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  • You can change if you’re subscription is through iTunes as per this article

    I sent that link to Strava customer service about whether the above is applicable to web subscribers & I got the response below;

    I apologize but there isn't a way to add another package to your current subscription without re-paying for your original package. If you'd like to activate the Safety package along with your Analysis package, you'll need to purchase the Analysis package again. Additional time will be added to your renewal date due to your existing annual Analysis subscription.

    So you get better functionality going through iTunes than direct with Strava, very odd.

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  • Hey Folks, I opened a case at support and received the refund from my previous subscription pack. There is an article at support page that explain how it works.

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  • found this:


    • Upgrade: If you are looking to increase the number of packs you subscribe to, your upgrade will go into effect immediately.  
      • You will gain instant access to the additional features.
      • You will receive a prorated refund for the remaining term of your previous subscription.
      • You will be billed the new full amount immediately.
      • The day of the month that you make the change will become your new renewal date. 
        • For example, today is the 7th and you want to upgrade from the Training pack to Training + Safety + Analysis. You get access to the additional features and are billed the full amount immediately, and the 7th of the month is your new renewal date.


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