Wear OS Distance and move time

I have a new Wear OS watch with an iPhone. I used my Wear Os watch for a short walk. When I came home, it synced immediately but says I walked 0.14 miles for 3:30 moving time. The map shows my entire route which I know it is about a mile and a half. This makes using the app on the watch useless. 

I want to be able to leave my phone home when I walk and have the watch record the data. 



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  • Try turning off auto-pause. I'm getting more accurate results now.  Even though it appears to be recording, I had to pause and resume a few time before it would actually start recording.  With auto-pause off, it seems to be getting more accurate. Just need to remember to pause if you want actual move time. 

    Would prefer that Strava devs fix the bug, but there a work-around for you.  Let me know how it turns out

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