Samsung Health sync issue

I am using Galaxy smartphone and have connected the Samsung health app to strava app. How to upload activities recorded in samsung health to strava? Can anyone guide please



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  • i'm having the same issue with my phone and gear fit2 pro

  • Same here. What's going on? 

  • Hey guys the issue is solved by itself. When you turn on srava in connected services tab under settings, all the data syncs very well with strava. However you have to just wait for a few hours after every activity to see in on strava. Sometimes even a day. There is no manual sync button.

  • Yeah, sync with Strava stopped to work in March. It might be related to the update of Tizen, but I'm not sure. I use Gear S3 + Galaxy S10.

  • Download the strava APP on your Samsung Fit2 pro. 

    Go to Galaxy Fit APP on your smarphone, then settings, then Samsung Galaxy Apps. Search for "Strava" and download it to your smarband. 

    Use Strava on your smartband instead of using it on your smarphone. The activities will sync with your Strava account and will appear on your smarphone too. 

    Good luck! 

  • The integration between Samsung health and strava is kinda a joke. I normally track in Samsung health and when it does sync to strava it creates a duplicate in Samsung health. Better integration would be nice and if a monitor actually replied that would also be nice.


  • Same issue as well. My Samsung Health app is great but even though it is connected to Strava it does not sync. Bad really as someone must have coded the option in to connect to Strava, did they not test it??

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