GPS no longer works on Strava Android App on Samsung Galaxy S7 following the manufacturer Android March update


I just installed the latest Samsung Android March update on my Samsung Galaxy S7.

Now, when I launch the Strava Android Application, the GPS no longer works. It is impossible to record some activities.

I tried to remove then install Strava Android Application from the Google Play Store but it doesn't change anything.

Info concerning my Samsung Galaxy S7:

  • Model : SM-G930F
  • Android : 8.0.0
  • Samsung Experience 9.0
  • Last version installed with March update : G930FXXS4ESC5/G930FXEF4ESB3/G930FXXU4ESB1

Some other users have the same issue ?

How can I fix the problem ?






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  • Hi Support


    Having exactly same issue since Android OS update on my Samsung S7+. Have removed any Battery Saving, uninstalled/reinstalled, and turned on and off the location services but cannot get the Strava to track properly. Records part journey or none at all.



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  • Same happened to me with the Galaxy J4 after updating the phone software. No GPS found in Strava app but Google maps, directions, location, etc. works.

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