Can't use Strave app, no internet thus no login, won't allow to start recording activity.

Today, I was very frustrated with my Strave app.  I usually use Strave via a Garmin Edge for cycling, and upload later when I am back at my computer.  Today, I did a hike and tried to open Strave app, but it wanted a login, but because we were in a remote area and trailhead with no internet or cellular signal, I could not log in, and thus, could not start to record hike.  What a stupid system!  What are you devs thinking?  Why require a login to start recording an activity?  A login should be required to upload, but not record!  Very frustrating.  So I lost the first 40% of the hike until I got high enough to get a cell data signal and log in.  Grrrrrr. 







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