Does Strava use GPS from Samsung Watch?

Whenever my phone is not connected to my watch, the Galaxy Wear Strava app doesn't show having a GPS signal (the GPS icon is grey-ed out with a slash through it).     Does my phone need to be connected to my Galaxy Watch in order for the GPS to work on the Strava Galaxy Wear application?

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and have the latest Galaxy Watch.

Overall, the GPS feature on the Galaxy Watch is unreliable at best.  It usually is showing as having no GPS signal.  Is this a known issue or could there be something wrong with my phone/watch?



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  • On the galaxy watch, use the Location setting on GPS only. If you have Location set to Phone GPS is on WiFi, mobile networks etc. it messes up. Once I set it to GPS it worked perfect

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  • Thank you! This issue has been plaguing me since I got my galaxy watch and I've just stumbled upon your response. This has 100% fixed the issue, thank you.

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