Mauvais transfert de Suunto vers Strava.


For many months now, the conversion between Suunto and Strava is no good. On the Sunnto program (my watch) (Movescount), it's OK. The pace is good, the time for the run also, etc. But when the conversion is made on Strava it's just impossible. 3 MIN/KM and the duration of the deplacment is also wrong (Ex. I run 1 hour on the Sunnto watch and strava it's like 42 min....) Someboby have this kind of problem?






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  • Oui, le même problème pour moi. It is embarrassing. My friends all get one time, and mine is always much much faster. I believe that it has something to do with the way the data is synced between Suunto and Strava. 


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