Sort Routes by type/distance/elevation/area/etc

So after reading through a few pages of a search and taking a gander at the 'similar posts', I have to say I'm pretty sad about the fact that this 'feature' (I say it that way as this really should be not only a simple thing to implement, but also it's not really a feature... just something basic that should be part of the free package, let alone the Summit package) has yet to be introduced. 

It's incredibly easy to end up with pages of routes, and honestly once you get past a single page, or even less, some level of sorting ability becomes not only helpful, but then quickly necessary. 

It seems to me that, after reading the posts/replies of many users, many people are justifiably upset by this 'lack' of even a basic sorting feature. I realize that there are probably lots of requests for lots of features, but this seems like a relatively simple thing to implement, and one that has already been in the request pipeline for a few years or more.

So I figured that instead of adding a comment to one of the existing threads, I'd create a new one of my own, basically to summarily beg for this to be implemented. Cause that's all we can really do right? You all have us, pretty much by the short and curlies, and there's not much we can do but beg. 

To that end, this is my own plea, just one of many, for some kind of sorting ability for routes.


Thank you for your time.



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