Making route builder snap to Heatmap and/or Segment

Map Builder is awesome, but one issue that I often have with it (both old and new) is that it follows what the map says, and ignores the real trail. The Heatmap has the real route, and there can even be a Strava Segment for that real trail, but Map Builder just doesn't want to follow it.

e.g. look at for an example (you may have to retrace the same route in the editor to observe the problem). The route follows what the map says is the Spade Lake trail, but both the Heatmap and the Segment show that the lower half of the trail is actually completely different from what's on the map (maybe the map reflects an older trail that was rerouted long ago).

So my question is: is there a way to make Map Builder use Heatmap data as the source of truth rather than rely of often inaccurate map data?

Obviously, there is the option of switching to manual mode if all else fails, but that's a painful last resort.



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  • I've had this same complaint for years.  Strava has this great heatmap database that they could use to help route builder snap to a desired route.   This is particularly frustrating where no snap at all is possible between a two places (sometimes the mas shows a trail, sometimes not), but there is *plenty of heat*  Just snap to it already!  (literally and figuratively.

    If this were incorporated, along with a decent search function for my activities, and the ability to display more that 20 at time (that's the worst when I'm going back into my history), then I'd do a subscription again.

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  • The problem with this though is since evidentally they have decided to stop updating the global heatmap for at least 3 months, maybe longer, the heatmap no longer is representing many current and/or new trails.


    What I want to know is why isn't global heatmap updating?  If they want to do that for non-subscribers, fine, but for us that are subscribing we should have access to an accurate heatmap.

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  • Aaron Rough I didn't realize that the heatmap was no longer updating. How can you tell? That would indeed be a big problem.

    Also, I've always wondered what time span the heatmap represented.

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  • Heat map snapping is cool but I'd prefer if the route snapped to my personal heat map.   Some of the heat maps in my area are on mixed use paths and not roads.  Heavily used but not great for motoring along on a road bike.

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