The new route planer doesn't work for me (does a bad job!)

hi folks,

I've been using strava the recent years mainly to create and or edit my road cycling routes. Sadly, yesterday you introduced the new route planer. I would easily pay a yearly subscription but only for the "old" route planer.

the new one doensn't work for me because:

- i have reviewd a lot of my routes and the new feature "suface type" is not working at all. I have routes which i know for a fact are 100% paved and strava now shows 61% paved. this feature can sadly not be disabled! why?

- in the "standard view" it is now impossible to see the difference if a road is paved or unpaved because you display them in the same way (same width). Only in the "light view" and "dark view" the paved roads are a little bit wider shown as the unpaved roads. why?

- the contrast of the "standard view" and the "light view" is way to low. i am young and have good eys but this is just making planing so much harder.

- the whole thing is lagging. the old one worked way faster. why?

is anybody else experiencing the same issues?

please give users a way to go back to the old route planer or update the new one soon. for the new route planer i am not going to pay subscription fees. give me the old one back and i am happy to do it!



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  • Yes, this new route planner is TERRIBLE!!! It's pretty much not even usable. I loved the old one and was all I ever used. The view is horrible, it doesn't even show where parking is anymore or what the trail names are!!! It's useless to me now. I would have paid for a membership for the way the builder used to be, this new one is complete junk.

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  • Agree with everything above. Would like to add that the lack of difference between road business/function is riddiculous. Major highways are shown in a same way as local roads. Just display a road number near a road on the map... this basic thing is present in ALL ROUTE BUILDERS EXCEPT STRAVA!

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  • I have become premium subscriber because you put the routebuilding behind a paywall.

    I use routebuilding in combination with segments. However the segments routebuilder shows on the map are crap segments. Please bring back the old route builder or enable segment category filtering just like in the explore segments menu.

    I am now constantly switching between explore segments and routebuilding tabs searching for the proper cat 4 climbs and trying to incorporate these into my route.


    If this isn't fixed I will stop premium after the trial period is over.

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  • Yet another thing Strava have messed up.

    Do they actually ask their customers before implementing changes...

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  • Totally agree with all the comments. As someone who has used routes for several years, happily paying for the service. This new product is so frustrating such that i will be looking for an alternative.

    my issues are; its very difficult to tell what type of road it is sending you down. no obvious difference between a farmers track and a main road. what was wrong with google maps??? cost no doubt?! its the standard for mapping online these days and its what you should have stuck with.

    The BIGGEST ARRGGGGGGGHHH  though is that it is virtually impossible to move the route once it has picked its course. You used to easily be able to drag and drop the course to a different road in the old version. It made it a very flexible and great for making routes. This version just does not have that functionality!! It takes like 10 goes sometimes to pick the ****in thing up and change it to a route you want to take because for some god forsaken reason it has chosen to send me on a 10 mile detour rather than follow the most obvious route.. yeah so i'm pretty annoyed and disappointed with Strava. worst upgrade ever. Sad really i've been using strava since 2012 ;(

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