Beacon share with Active Friends/Clubs for group movement tracking

Beacon is the introduction of "live tracking" with Strava. That feature is great as a safety feature - but also killer information for groups that ride together and like to meetup. Now, Garmin has just launched a GroupTrack feature through their new 820 device. But Strava, with Beacon, now has the three essentials needed to make an awesome group tracking feature:

  1. live tracking through Beacon
  2. tons of connections with "friends" on Strava
  3. CLUBS that are an ability to filter friends into more familiar riding groups. 

Beacon allows you to currently update 3 safety contacts when you start a ride via SMS or email. I'd still like to see that level of functionality. But also ADD the ability to share your Beacon with a) all your connections on Strava or b) a Club. 

Honestly, when Active Friends was launched that is what I though I was going to see - not just their "status" - but their location. Adding the ability for your Beacon to be shared with All Friends or A Club - would be an in-app notification and viewing ability that would help groups connect for a ride, or re-connect in the progress of a ride. It'd also add a value to go to Premium so you could Beacon your location on a ride. 



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  • This would be awesome!

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  • This would be a perfect feature. Garmin enabled this only for people with Edge 820/1000 and Fenix 5X, other devices can only send their location without ability to see other people. Strava could enable it for friends and for all people of a that joined an event.

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