Feedback for the updated Strava feed

We are excited to share with you a project that we've been working on for the past year - a new way to experience the Strava feed.

The feedback you've been sharing with us about better ways to sort and filter the feed has not gone unnoticed. The feed fuels the power of our community and is where athletes inspire and interact with each other. We discovered that on average Strava athletes miss almost 60% of the content in their feed every day. Strava's new feed presents a non-chronological ordering of activities based on characteristics we think are most valuable to you. 

Here's how it works:

When you refresh your feed, any content you haven't seen before will be at the top of the feed, above activities you've already seen. The order in which these new items appear is based on a learning algorithm that uses your past behavior to gauge whether you'll find content interesting. Comment a lot on your sister's activities? Her items will be ranked highly for you. Your friend just ran their best time for a 10K? That will get promoted as well. The algorithm will continue to evolve over time, learning as you use it. We won't hide any activities from you - they'll all be in your feed, just in a different order designed to ensure you don't miss the items that matter most to you. You can read more on our blog.

We will be slowly releasing the new feed over the coming weeks, along with close monitoring of performance and your feedback. You are welcome to add to the discussion below or contact us directly by submitting a ticket. 



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  • Not that it's likely to have any positive impact , but I'm having a public conversation about this on twitter, suggest others do the same ? @stravasupport

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  • I'm a nobody Bruce but I've chimed in on Twitter (shudder).

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  • I'd like to say the new algorithm based feed is ace.

    But it's cack. But seeings as you thought it was a "good idea", could you make the web portal green and red with flashing yellow bits so we can "journey" and "experiance-alize" cack 1990's style?

    Why not, eh? You must be pretty game for any hair-brained, guff blown idea.

    Genuine question - did your project development team ever work for Nokia?


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  • Where is the posting board for all the positive comments about the new algorithm?  I could not find one.

    Your algorithm is not progressing and your customers are confused. Your decisions have opened the door for the competition. Your revenue models need to be restrategized, recalculated, and your product adjusted.  If not, welcome to Blackberry.

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  • How does strava feel about this article in the Guardian?

    “When a company makes your feed algorithmic, it’s the moment that you’re being squeezed as an asset,” [Internet historian and University of Michigan professor Chuck Severance] said. “In some way it’s worse than a loss of agency. It’s them reminding you that you’re not the owner, you’re the product. You do know that, right?”

    I guess that's why Strava doesn't care that none of us are renewing our premium membership.

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  • I thought there was something wrong with me feed so I googled it and found this forum.

    I'm sorry because I'm sure this "new and exciting" way of ordering the activity feed has consumed quite a lot of time and money for its development. The end result, in my opinion, is a slightly damaged product.

    Oh well, first world problems. This certainly will not stop me using Strava. I think we're all grateful for the app as a whole. It's a pretty great app.

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  • I heard Strava were going to just randomly sort the segment leaderboard now as well, makes about as much sense as this... ;-)

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  • As promised a few weeks ago, I’ve not renewed my premium this past weekend because of your lack of ability to listen to your users. I’ll continue to use the site as a free user but you won’t be getting my money anymore.

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  • Utterly idiotic idea.....a non chronological listing is utterly pointless especially if you are involved as I am with a long term cycle tour which I have organized as an artist in residence where it is absolutely crucial to be able to review the chronological progress of the cycle tour. It is especially important when reviewing the routes for exhibitions of artworks done during the tour and for organizing the information as part of a coherent exhibition......This non chronological listing has to be the worst idea ever......If this is to stay I shall be looking for an alternative to strava for logging my journey. In an artist in residence where the journey is the residency a chronological listing is so easy so sensible....and absolutely necassary....what the hell where you guys thinking.....If this is to stay then give people the option to turn it off

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  • If you go down the same stupid path as Facebook with some ridiculous non-chronological event ordering I'm quitting now.

    This is the most absurd idiotic move you could make.

    If you do this you'll have to offer an Opt-out option so we don't have to put up with this crap if we don't want to.

    If you spent a year on this endeavor you literally wasted your time. FB in non-chronological order is a disaster.

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  • Is there an option to view my feed chronologically? 

    Yes, an algorithmic feed is something I have experienced on other services (as you point out in the official comment (April 12, 2017 22:46)). 

    The algorithmic feed is why a now barely use Instagram and why I use Facebook about half as much as I used to.

    I'm sure some people like it, but many people hate it. Please, give us an option to view our feed in the chronological order we know and love.

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  • The updated Strava feed has been released to our entire community. Strava's new feed will present a non-chronological ordering of activities based on what we think is most interesting to you. More information can be found in our knowledge base

    We used the findings from this research to fuel discussions on how the feed experience should evolve to be more personalized for every athlete. Creating the most personal and useful feed experience for every Strava athlete is a never-ending goal, and we want to be sure the improvements we make are rooted in research.

    To better communicate your feedback to the Strava team, we've created a survey to track your experiences. We’d love to hear what you think about these changes and we will be listening carefully to our community’s reactions. Thanks! 

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  • Well what do you know, after all this bitching about how algo driven feed for moronic Strava finally makes it optional.

    It should have been optional from the beginning.

    Who imposes a particular feed format on an entire group? Especially when it's a silly thing intending on making your see certain things.

    One thing I'm finally glad to be rid of, algo feed is stupid.

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