How to set IFTTT to report Activity Distance in Miles to DayOne

I am using the IFTTT applet "Add new Strava ride to Day One with route map" to post my Strava bike ride activities to DayOne, but the distance is posted in meters. How can I have the distance posted in the DayOne entries be in miles? I already have my default units in Strava set to Miles and Pounds.




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    Hi Gary, 

    The IFTTT integration wasn't created by Strava. We've already passed the request for a change in activity distance units on to the creator. Thanks. 

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  • Thanks!

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  • Hey guys,


    I've just tried to use this functionality and it still only has distance in metres, you mention you passed a request to the creator, would this be IFTT directly? If so I'd like to see if I can push with them...


    Many thanks.

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