Stryd (Run) Power Affecting Strava (Cycling) Power Curve

Strava does not yet support power data in running. That is disappointing, but it is what it is--annoying, but not the real problem.

The real problem is that Garmin recently opened the power channel for Run mode on their devices. This means that a run done with Stryd and recorded on a Garmin in Run mode will import to Strava with the power data, but the power data is "invisible." However, it is still there somewhere and it affects the (cycling) Power Curve.

For example, my cycling FTP is about 340W. This morning I went for an easy run with Stryd. Strava Power Curve now estimates my FTP at 376W and says my best CP20 in the last six weeks and this year is 384W using data from my run this morning. When I click the link for "Sep 29, 2016" on the power curve, it takes me to the file for my run this morning. There is no power data shown anywhere on the Strava file.

Training Peaks can differentiate between run and cycling power, why can't Strava? This is Premium feature that is being corrupted by Strava's inability or unwillingness to adapt to changing technology. Strava needs to: 

  1. adapt to changing technologies, enable run power, and separate run and cycling power data, or
  2. turn off power data in run entirely, so that it does not corrupt cycling power data in the feature that Premium members pay to access.

Please address this issue promptly. Strava is a great social activity portal that I very much enjoying being a part of. However, with many other options out there with pay walls, I will have trouble justifying renewal of my Premium membership for a sixth year if Strava cannot adapt and correct issues affecting premium services.



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    Hello all, 

    Some information on the recent change: 

    If you use the Connect IQ app to record your Stryd power data on your Garmin: 

    Strava will not recognize this data and will not show the Stryd power data on your run activity page, your cycling power curve, or as cycling power in your Fitness and Freshness graph. 

    If you use the mobile app to record your Stryd power data on your iPhone or Android phone: 

    Strava will recognize this as power data, and the issues described above will persist. 


    We are aware of the issues presented with both cases above. We are interested in correctly supporting run power data as soon as resources allow us to prioritize this work. 

  • I took the membership with Strava to see the power and found out the same thing! Can you please differentiate the 2 powers?

  • Right, either enable run power separately or (as a temporary fix) switch it off.

  • This needs to be fixed ASAP. My cycling power curves became useless and I had to delete a bunch of run activities to get it fixed. 

    I don't understand why they can't get 2 separate power curves. 

  •  Thanks, we've reported this issue to the team and hope to fix this issue for all of you. 

  • Any updates on this issue. This is incredibly frustrating. Your competitors, like Training Peaks, have adjusted and created two best effort power curves. One for running; one for cycling. I may be wrong but this seems like an easy fix - why is it taking so long to fix? 

    I may need to cancel my subscription - one of the features I use the most on the premium Strava version is the best efforts curve. And this is useless with the current setup. 

    Can someone please let us know when this is supposed to be fixed? 

  • Can someone at Strava please address this issue??????

  • Sorry Rapha, this issue has been documented in our system but simply hasn't been prioritized yet. Will do our best to give it a bump. 

  • Dear Strava Team

    Please address this issue - we are premium clients paying month by month and the STRYD question has been around for several months. Interestingly to note, that when I analyse my runs on the mobile app, the power is reported in the classic pyramid graph but on it is not. Thanks for dealing with this issue.

  • I'm seriously considering cancelling my premium account. Given this issue has not be solved I'm using more and more TrainingPeaks. They have this issue sorted out months ago.

  • Elle,

    Thank you for your response. 

    You have literally just told your premium members that giving correct data is not a priority of strava.

    Good Job

    Your competitors are jumping with joy

  • Since Strava's not actually trying to provide accurate data, I have went ahead and downgraded my account.

  • The entire Stryd community on facebook that has a strava premium account is finding the power curve useless and heavily considering canceling the strava premium account. If we can't use the power curve anymore why pay $6/mt for setting up segment goals? Stava I need to understand that you are prepared to adapt to innovation. Please prioritize this issue. If not, I'm just going to use training peaks to track my activity.

  • If this is not fixed very soon I as well will be cancelling my Premium subscription.

  • Strava - take notice. I've just asked that my account is downgraded because of this issue. I've been a premium member since 2012 but this is just unacceptable. Hope you fix it soon or you will lose more clients. 

  • There are a plethora of Chrome Plugins that tweak Strava. Has anyone found one that can customize the power curve? I've looked into Strava Sauce and Stravitix.

  • Wanted to let you all know that Thomas at Stravistix was very responsive! In less than 24 hours, he published an update to his plug in. It is free but very useful for TRIMP calculation. Hope we can support his work since Strava won't help.


    - Added support of Running Power Meters (e.g. Stryd, RPM2, ... sensors) inside strava running activities pages.

    - Fixed the use of running power meters matching with cycling power meter option of Multisports Fitness Trend.


  • @Strava: I recently disabled Stravistix on my computer to compare "plain vanilla Strava Premium" and the Stravistix enhanced flavour. Honestly, I was shocked how much of the functionality is provided by Stravistix.

  • another premium strava and Stryd user finding that strava has made a mess of my power curves.  Really not sure why I'm paying for premium when this most useful feature is now broken ?



  • Any update on this?

    I have sent numerous support tickets about this without any luck. My estimated FTP for cycling is all messed up because my running power is higher. This is really important to me.

  • Hello everyone - this issue has been bumped in priority after we released the Fitness & Freshness graph for all activities. Thanks for your patience. 

  • Elle - does this mean it is fixed or that it is now on a priority queue to be fixed eventually?
    It's mind boggling how long this is taking to be fixed.

  • Crazy that this issue hasn't been addressed. Had my Stryd since the beginning. You've had two years to see this coming. Looks like I will be another one to downgrade unless this is fixed ASAP.


    Absolutely ridiculous that you haven't addressed this in the four months since your original comment. Elle. 


    On second thought, I am downgrading right now. 

  • I did downgrade as well, premium since 2014. Sad it takes such a long time.

  • Is there an update on this one please? Would be great to get it sorted.....



  • Haha... absolutely ridiculous!  Original post in September took 3 months to get a response saying it may get look at. 6 months after the original post the response is "Hello everyone - this issue has been bumped in priority after we released the Fitness & Freshness graph for all activities. Thanks for your patience. "... what?!?  Call that support??

    Absolutely awful way to deal with paying customer's concerns.

    I'm a Stryd user and a Strava Premium member, fortunately I'm not a cyclist otherwise I'd be jumping ship from Premium to Trainingpeak.  Get the power sorted, surely it's not that difficult if Garmin and Trainingpeaks can do it!

  • any news... every multisport with stryd doesn't sync properly to strava... only the run syncs... any cycling activities are not...

    pleasse fix this!


    p.s.: mor triathlon support would be nice... don't cut multisport-activites... this doesn't make sense it's only easy for strava i think ;)

  • according to a recent twitter there is no plan in the complete support of stryd in strava. I understand that the priority of this issue is at the moment not on the top. Nevertheless you (=Strava) should at least implement following really simple feature:

    If there is any power data from a running activity this data must be ignored in the calculation of the FTP and any power calculation for bike activities.

    This is not a big deal to implement this workaround which would be very helpful.



  • I'm considering a Stryd but this really isn't fixed?

  • No, until now no response.

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