Suunto Ambit/Ambit2/Ambit3 Connect to Strava on Android

For those Strava users with Suunto Ambit, Ambit2 or Ambit3 watches, you can now connect your watch directly to Strava from Android with a new app. No need to use a PC or the Movescount site. Just connect the watch with USB to the phone and sync your rides and runs directly with Strava. The integration is really neat, if you have the Strava app installed then it even sends you a notification to edit the name of the activity or add your running shoes/bike and so on.

Search for Ambit Connect on the Play Store or use the link below:




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    Thank you for sharing, this looks great and hope it is helpful to those Suunto/Android members in our community. 

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  • We have now added support for non-GPS activities such has pool swims and gym workouts, so check out the latest version!

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