Suunto Swim Activity Distance is 25 yards short

 Swim activity via Suunto Movescount sync shows accurate distance in lap records (1 lap), but total distance for activity is short by 25 yards.



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    This issue was reported to our engineering team last month and it is now in our work queue. I'm not sure when we will be able to fix Suunto swim activities, but it's a known issue. 


  • Same here. The distances shown for intervalls/laps are correct, but the overall sum is wrong. E.g. I swam 1800m but Strava shows only 1350m. Please look into this. Thx

  • i have the same problem.

    Did you found a solution?


  • Did you get resolution to this? I have this problem with almost every activity I link from my Ambit. swimming and running data is right in movescount and wrong in strava.


  • I have this same problem too

  • This is an annoying problem. When will it be solved?

  • Same here. Still no resolution even after 1 year! Its gotten worse...used to be short by one lap. Now my last two swim shows 0m and less than half the distance! Yet when u look at the laps they total up to the correct distance.  Come on Strava! 

  • My swims are not uploading correctly, Strava shows shorter distance than I swam and does not mirror what is in my watch. When will this be resolved??

  • I have the same problem! 

  • Same bug with my Ambit 3 Peak. Last correct session was on April 22nd, then 774 m instead of 1625 and 600 instead of 1525 today. 

  • My today's session has been correctly imported. @Elle Anderson, Do you know if the bug is resolved of if it's just a glimpse? The previous sessions are still wrong.

  • Same here, Suunto Ambit 2. Come on Strava!!!

  • I keep getting this - almost every swim shows the correct detailed statistics but the overview page shows the total to be a lot less. It's been happening for a few months now.

    Suunto Ambit 3 Sport


  • As a note, the last activity I did was synced up and said 400m total. I had done 1200m and it said the same in the detailed stats.

    After receiving a support response (a little while ago) to try uploading manually (when it had happened a number of times before) I just decided to give it a try. 
    I deleted the activity, downloaded the .fit file from movescount and uploaded it. This time the total now said 800m but the detailed stats still showed 1200m...


  • Same problem with also gps log. i.e. take this open water swim. On device and on Movescount (second image with black background) the starting point and the distance are OK. On Strava (upper image) the starting point is in the middle of the sea.

  • Hello,

    I also have problems when synchronising swim data, total stats is wrong (distance shorter, larger pace), detailed stats is correct. Also, for me, the starting time was 9 hours earlier than when it really happened! I started swimming at 18:13, strava says I did it at 9:13 AM??

    If the detailed stats is OK but the summary is not, wouldn't it be easy to just deduct the totals from the detailed info instead of exporting it directly from the .fit file? 

    Also, do you know what could be causing this error with the activity date?


  • The link to Strava via Suunto Movescount is never accurate. The majority is 25m less, but sometimes even more. Hope this will get fixed soonest!

  • Folks. Just 2 days ago manually uploading the swim gave me the accurate laps. The automatic uploads r short by a lap or more w my Ambit2.

  • I have ambit peak 3 and sadly same for me...

  • Swimm distance is too short (most time -50m) and the timestamp is wrong.

    Suunto Spartan

  • Also here I noticed all my swimming sessions are showing around the 25 meter less on Strava than in Movescount....

    Using Spartan Ultra

  • I also have the same annoying problem. All my swimming activities uploaded to Strava have always less 25 meters than the reality or but the total time stays the same... So on Strava I am a slower swimmer :P 

    Note 1: The pool where I swim have 25 meters.

    Note 2: I swim with a Suunto Spartan Ultra.

  • I don't think this is a problem with just Strava. When I sync my Ambit Sport 3 in Training Peaks the same thing happens. My guess is it's a Suunto issue.

  • Bump.
    Time to fix this Strava

  • Similar problem but my Suunto is adding one lane instead of removing one.

    Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR

  • I have Suunto Spartan Trainer Wrist HR too. My watch just added one length, it seems to have registered a turn in the middle of a lap, the time for the two consecutive laps add up to the approx time for one lap so the issue is trying to find some software to merge these two together. No luck with Suunto movescount so far, I wonder if the import into strava will help in any way with the edit? Any external software to help with either suunto or strava

  • I swam 10 laps of 50m swimming pool, each lap shown correctly on watch. After 10 laps, the watch showed 1000m on the screen, but when I hit save button, the total distance was saved in watch and movescount was only 950m
    Suunto spartan trainer wrist hr

  • Mine often does the opposite, and adds distance on, making it look like I'm ridiculously quick.  Today's 2400m on the watch and Movescount became 3039m on Strava.

    I also never understand how, when it's counting laps and not using GPS, Strava can come up with all sorts of distances that aren't a multiple of the 25m laps, or how it's recording something so different to Movescount.

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