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I think it would be great to be able to filter the training calendar by sport as well as adding additional metrics to it like elevation. Currently, it gives a total for the number of miles that month which is meaningless as far as tracking progress or goals in a specific sport. 

The movescount site does this really well showing you each sport and letting you break it down by day, week, or month. Although movescount also does not show elevation.




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  • I second that. There is no way currently to find uout how much you e.g. ride each month, when you do also hike and run - it shows totla distance.

  • Absolutely +1 to this!

  • +1 - can do this on veloviewer - need a filter

  • I totally agree. I've just started cycling and it has screwed up my running mileage totals for each month this year.

  • Another vote for a filter, it's about the only major annoyance I get with Strava.  I really need to seperate my running from walking the national trails and that'll be even worse when I dig my bike out of the garage! 

  • +1

    I would like to filter by activity type to be able to see how much I have been running or biking during specific periods of time.

  • I would love to see this, too!

  • Yes Please....I was 200km short of 5000km on my bike this year then I realised this included my runs! seems this is default behaviour in iPhone app but not on website....

    A simple filter would be a great addition and surely fairly simple to implement.

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