Introducing the new Profile page ft. photos and weekly activity widget

Let us know what you think of our latest Profile page redesign. Thanks!



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  • Love the new profile page!  Both visual and informative!

  • Elly,

    It's a great update, but here are some remarks...

    - Colour scheme (the colours are too softly (make them more intense pls);
    - the latest 5 trophees can be placed in the space under photos and above 'last 4 weeks);

    I'll give further ideas in the near future, but the soft colour scheme is a real pain in the ass, if you ask me...

    Kind regards,


  • It's a nice feature, showing activities for last for weeks as percentage.

    But I would find also very useful a way to add custom sports into My Stats beside bike, run, swim. For me it's about backcountry ski. I would like to see statistics per year for backcountry ski (distance, time, elev. gain, runs)...

    Also when creating a Club only Cycling, Running, Triathlon and Others is available as Sport selection. Would be nice to have other sports too...

  • Looks nice, very fresh.

    however, please change the calendar profile back to how it was, the new black circles really don't stand out.....

    i used the old as a quick reference for my activity level during the previous 4 weeks. The new calendar looks like a fancy polka dot pattern on the page, with no real contrast to what it means. 

    Apart from that all is good, keep up the good work. 


    Steve ward

  • Ps, I good way to freshen the calendar profile up I'd suggest making the background of the days strava orange With the appropriate sized circle covering the day as appropriate.

    i think I know what I'm trying to say, been a long day. 



  • A nice update to the profile page! Would like to be able to select the activity photos that are displayed at the top of the profile page, and in which sequence (drag and drop or the like). Also, there should be more contrast between the activity type colors in the weekly activity widget (IMHO). It's pretty bland right now, and not easy to tell what's what.

  • Nice new look though I can't see how it will allow us to 'count' activities other than cycling, running or swimming. I did a full day hard workout backcountry ski and it still shows up as a 'rest' day on strava. I wish it could be recorded for what it really was - a serious workout. I can call it a 'run' but then I start showing 4 minute miles!

  • It seems a step in the right direction, but the other activities remain absent from the stats or the training log so, in that sense, the redesign accomplishes very little. 

  • Thanks for the early feedback everyone. 

    I think the contrast in colors between the different activities is a great observation and easily addressed, thanks. 

    As for your comments on showing stats for other activity types in other places, such as the training log and "My Stats" lower down on the profile - these are still active feature suggestions that we are considering. I hope we can expand this most recent work to include these other areas of Strava as well, stay tuned. 

  • Unfortunatelly, this is just a small patch on a big hole. Too little (and too late) comparing to what other sites do offer. What we were asking for was to bring up multiple separate self-propelled activities on board with yearly stats (distance, time, elevation where applicable, personal bests), KOM's/CR's where applicable, etc.

    Speaking for myself only, I would agree to keep it simple, so "nordic/crosscountry skiing" would be good enough to cover skate/classic/rollers, "rowing" for single/crew/trainer , "paddling" for kayak/surfski/canoe, etc. As a training log this is close to useless for anyone serious about multisport training unless he/she is willing to go for some "creative accounting".

    The conclusion is that I will keep to log my paddling as swimming and crosscountry skiing as running and will reserve this clock-marked activity for occasional hike, backcountry ski and such. That works for me as I don't do any running and swimming training but may not work for others. The result is that my "running" personnal bests are and will be way better than what I was ever capable of even in my long gone runner years while my "swimming" would possibly make me a galaxy champion if it was for real.

  • Are you obsessed by images?
    Stat Club level is zero
    Stat of members: via external modules (strava enhancement suite, veloviewer, stravistix, toolbox for Strava, Jonathan .... etc, etc)

    A little real information and less dressing, we not pay to see our photos.





  • Some photos on my profile page are distorted due to sizing incompatibility.  

  • Hi Elle,

    This looks very nice, but from reading the feature request forum I can't help feel that I'm not alone in feeling that dev resource could be better spent elsewhere.

    There are simple, simple features which involve as little as changing the available parameters in a selection query which people are crying out for.  Issues like not being able to split certain calendar totals by ride / run, or the aribtary lack of decent totals for clubs.  Many of these could be implemented in a matter of minutes, but they have been ignored on the feature requst forum for 2 or 3 years.

    Meanwhile, large-scale dev such as this is going on, which I appreciate takes many man-hours to get right, but which delivers very little functional benefit to the user.  Or we get incredibly jazzy Strava Labs projects, delivering stunning visualisations whihc nobody has asked for.

    It's all too much style over substance, and it's sad to see Strava going this way. 

  • Thank for your honest feedback about how our resources are being spent developing new Strava features and functionalities. Prioritization is a tough battle, that's for sure. Jeremy and I continue to work through your feedback posted in our community and continue to advocate for your requests. We look forward to getting some requested features out the door for you this year! 

  • I like it but would like the ability to select which photos show on the banner, some on mine are either not of me or are not very nice pictures

  • Love it! Unfortunately photos not appearing as pictured at the moment but rather as thumbnails below achievements. Hope this will be sorted :)



  • Where can I find "other activities" filter or tab on the profile page?

  • What happened? They've all gone away now.

  • @Chris - it's a known issue, will be back soon. Thanks for your patience. 

  • I like it. Fresh, clean and easy to use. Great too you can select a specific year and view stats. At long last I can see my Elev Gain for each year! Go Strava. 
    BUT.... "My Stats" only have three Activity Types to choose from. Why offer so many in the first place if there is no quick way to view stats on them? Looking forward to seeing this being added. 

  • Love the new Dashboard, but please can we customise our activity categories and not limited to just "cycling, running and swimming"!?

    For me: "Cycling, Walking and Hiking" for example, would be more valuable than only having one set of stats that are not blank! :(


  • I would just like to add that it would be great if you could see your other sports in your training log and that those sports would count to your training time. I just want to go to one place to see all of this instead of recording things twice. All he has to do is record time - distance possibly but time definitely.

  • Love the look but how do you activate it?  Can't figure out how to change from the old profile look.  Any help would be appreciated!

  • I would be great if the profile bar graph could be filtered by activity. For example, only showing running. By mixing in all activities the bar chart is meaningless because one can bike so many more miles than running.

  • Like others are saying: the ability to add other activities besides running/cycling to the main profile page would be great.

  • Does anyone know of a good alternate to Stava? I love the social aspect of Strava and the ease of uploading but in addition to cycling I also hike, backcountry ski, participate in paddle sports and sometimes combine a cycle with a run. As soon as you mark anything other than cycling it essentially bricks the app. There are no suffer scores, no fitness, no segments and no fitness/freshness tallies (just chalks the day up as a rest day.) I posted about this twice in the last few years and gotten close to 100 supporting comments but Strava's answer was, "it's just not a priority." I've set my account to NOT renew and I'm hoping to find something better before the renew date. If you are with me, especially pro-cyclists who can, in solidarity, support the rest of us, do the same. Thanks all!

  • Small, step in the right direction by actually showing all the activities of *all* sports, not just running, swimming and cycling on the profile page. Unfortunately...and this is extremely strange from a software engineering side, if you click on the link of the activity graph on your profile page, it take you to your "Training log" page, which *still* only shows cycling, running and swimming, even when "multi-sport" is select. Almost feels like the QA process missed it. 

    I do many other sports, sports with strava segments even, is there any feature roadmap somewhere? Will this be added? 

  • Looking at the comments this didn't go far enough. People train outside of running and cycling and so want their other specific sports being displayed.

    Being able to pick which sports are shown would be the best way forward. Setting your actual rather than dictated Primary / Default Sport would be great!!

  • I agree.  because of this deficiency I'm using other app that shows summary of your other activities. If runkeeper app able to do that why not strava. I use runkeeper for hiking, canoeing and mountainbiking activities.  RPM or spinning is also an activity.

  • Hi how can I arrange photos on my profile? I'm new to Strava. And I noticed some ppl have their profile verified by Strava. Before I share my rides with my 18 thousand followers and 5k friends on Facebook I would like to have my account verified. I had issues with my modeling and family photos on Facebook. Ppl copy my photos and pretend to be me. Plz help.Thank you.

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