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Please change the app so we can add elevation gain manually.  I rode one of my typical routes today and know exactly what the elevation gain should be, but accidentally hit the 'close' button on Strava before my ride was recorded.  I can manually enter my mileage and time, but not the elevation gain.  Frustrating.



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  • Please update so we can add elevation gain manually.  I'm in a similar situation for a mountain I just hiked.  I've done it before and I've logged 2467' of elevation gain.  I left my watch at home by accident and was able to enter mileage and time but sure would like to add those well-deserved feet of elevation gain that I worked so hard for.  Thank you!!

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  • Yes please can this be added as a feature on the manual entry.  As it is a field on strava it seems strange that you cannot add it manually surely its not that hard to do so please strava can you add it

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  • Me too. Lost 2k of climbing last w/e for the same reason.

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  • STRAVA: Please update your system so we can add elevation gain manually.  This should be a standard feature. 

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  • I lost 6700+ ft of elevation this weekend because I can't add it in manually.  I'm in the 9K meter challenge so I just lost 2047 meters - that's a big chunk of the challenge.

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  • Ditto. This seems like such a simple add-on.

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  • Just found out that I can't add in the elevation gain of a manually-added ride after it was saved, showing 0ft. You can't even edit the date, time or duration either. Seems silly to have to re-enter the ride data just to change those values when it could display editable fields. 

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  • I have the same problem, but in "opposite direction".
    I'm running at a track felled, and strava adds elevation gain. I need to be able to edit elevation and zero it .

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  • C R, we'll look into the editing of manual entries in regard to elevation. Please contact us directly via a support ticket if you wish to follow up. 

    Stefanos, Unfortunately we don't yet have a feature to adjust the elevation of a previously recorded activity. 

    Closing this thread as we have since released the ability to enter elevation data in a manual entry from the website. 

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