Time Estimates for Routes based on average speeds by each bike

I understand that estimated time from created routes is based on 4 week average speed, but in the winter during bad weather I use a bike that is heavier than my normal road bike. As such, my average speed drops. 

In addition to 4 week average, a user should be able to select a bike from the saved bike list and use the 4 most recent weeks of data for that specific bike.




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  • I completely agree.  I use my road bike, my hybrid bike, and my fatbike - and ride both on road and off (plus my road bike on the trainer).  Obviously, my average speed while riding off-road on my fatbike is going to be SIGNIFICANTLY less than my average speed on-road on my road bike in aero. 

    Because the route planning bases estimated speed on the average over the past 4 weeks without taking the bike being used into account, the estimated time is WAY off - either much to short for my fatbike (it will actually take me longer than estimated) or much to long for my road bike (it won't take me nearly as long as estimated. 

    Since the fatbike was new in Dec, this is a new issue for me, as my hybrid was never ridden often enough to skew the overall average that much (and it's not as slow as the fattie, so doesn't cause as much of a skew in the data).

    I'm now finding it next to impossible to actually PLAN routes for either bike because my coach gives me workouts based on time/effort vs distance, and I don't like to ride the same routes all the time. :(

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