Filter Segment Leaderboard by bike type

This would allow segments to be filtered to view only results by bike type, thus separating mountain bike versus road bike segments results.

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  • @arnaud Boris

    disagree slightly. There are a huge number of cyclists who have different bikes for the same purpose, for example I have a dedicated road bikes, time trial bikes and a cyclocross bike that I do all of the same segments on right through the year, what we need is the ability to look at a single segment and compare the times weve achieved using our different bikes.

    I agree that track types is important as this is also hugely relevant to many cyclists but theres no reason the two couldnt work together.

    Why not let us have the ability to do both? im sure its not beyond Stravas power.

  • I'm also one of those cyclist with a few mountain bikes ;-)

    It's two different features for me. I know this thread is about bike types but I think what we need first is track types to separate the incompatible activities. I'm not against roadies, I've one.

    After why not add the possibility to compare the bikes, or just to make it possible to see our times and rank with only one bike. Because if you what to compare to others with the same type of bike, you need many types of bike.

  • Not really worried about track type, as I ride my recumbents on multiple track types, road types, varying distances and routes, etc.  But being able to choose between filtering by bike type or comparing myself to other riders regardless of type would be really nice and actually bring me back to Strava (I jumped ship and went with RideWithGPS some years ago after the Strava community started whining and accusing 'bent riders of stealing their KOMs or 'cheating with better aerodynamics' - the RWG community is less caustic/aggressive towards recumbent riders).


    And speaking as a web software developer, I know this stuff isn't rocket science - a day or so for development, a day or two to test it to death.  I'm surprised this feature idea is still an issue.

  • Hello,
    yes, it will differentiate the segments road and 
    mountain bike depending on the type of actyvité
    road or mountain bike or type of bike. The problem
    of today where I live is that the vtt take vans to
    climb the road without stopping the course strava and
    suddenly road cyclists lose all their koms.
  • +1

  • You need also to do something for e-bike, like a special flag with the following functionalities :

    - auto detect suspect e-bike activities (elevation speed above 1500m/h for road on 2km+ segment, above 1000m/h for MTB) if a bike is not selected
    - allow the possibility for other members to report a suspected e-bike activity

  • Still no proper use of Sub-Type:

    Here's a common discussion I have with club members who want to use Strava with multiple bike types:

    Strava need to use the Sub-Type field. We would be Riding->Elliptical then we could filter ourselves easily on any leaderboard for any segment and set the club to be that Sub-Type only so you could road ride or MTB on Strava and it wouldn't effect anything on club leaderboards. I have written about this extensively in the past and have some suggestions on the Strava forums that have been up there for years with no action from Strava yet. Even moaned to the Strava CTO when he visited my office...

    >>What was their CTO's reason for not implementing it?

    ...well he said his people would look into it but it's a classic change management situation - they have 40 million users, 8 million activities per day so they are super conservative on any change. I think the sub type change could be done with complete backwards compatibility. By default everyone who has a 'ride' gets road Sub-Type. You then have option of running a new Sub-Type generator for old rides based on gear - where your gear can be assigned a Sub-Type (road by default). So if you make your Specialized Rockhopper a 'MTB' suddenly all your old rides with that bike then get Sub-Type of MTB (and any new ones that you have that gear set to default) - so all those people moaning for their own categorized MTB segments etc suddendly can filter on the Sub-Type for a segment and see only MTBs. The beauty of this is it doesn't change the underlying ride data. IT WOULD change the UI both on mobile and web. But there has been 1000's of people asking for road vs MTB for 6+ years and this way they can actually do it in a generic fashion which other bike types can also benefit from (or for that matter any activity with subtypes). I've posted all this many times but no progress from Strava that I'm aware o

  • One major problem with this idea is that there is no way to have everyone go back in time and edit a decade's worth of rides with the type of bike they were using. Yes, some people are good about tagging what "gear" they use for their rides and runs, but I would say a majority of people do not list their bike type or don't go back and edit it from the default bike when they are using something different. You could end up with decent data going forward, but there would be so much bad data from the past that it would make it almost useless.

  • By default all previous activities without a mappable gear who end up with no Ride Sub-Type : so would be same as today - regular road cycles.
    I think a lot of people when they first joined Strava would have out in at least one bike under gear - which is then used on every upload by default. So if that is mappable to MTB or Road Sub-Type all their data (or majority) is going to be good.
    And there's load of opportunities for clever tool add-ons to help you categorize rides based on speed and other people's Sub-Types for the same segments.

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