Add support for ANT+ with Strava Android App

Has anyone tried using an ANT USB adaptor (such as the one Garmin sells) to receive ANT sensors on an Android phone? I have a Galaxy Nexus phone with Jelly Bean (4.2). It seems that if I install the ANT Radio Service and the ANT USB Service (both free from the Google Play store) I might be able to get ANT to work with my phone and hopefully the Strava app.  The description for the ANT Radio Service app lists compatible apps but Strava is not listed



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  • Thanks for your patience! 

    We will soon have a version of the Strava app with ANT+ support available for testing. Please fill out this form if you'd like to be involved in the beta testing:

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  • Thank you for signing up for access to our ANT+ build. I'm sorry for the delay - our upcoming release had some changes we wanted to make, and ANT+ support necessarily had to go after.
    1. Please sign up for the Google Group here - and please sign up for email updates! We promise not to email you about anything besides ANT+ support in Strava's Android application.
    2. Sign up with Google Play for Strava test apps. If you're already in our beta group, this will already be enabled. You have to sign up with the same Google account as you used for the Google Group.
    3. In a few weeks, you will see an update that mentions ANT+ support in the release notes.
    4. Pair an ANT+ sensor from the app, then go for a ride or a run!
    After that, please do email and give us your feedback on our ANT+ build. Good feedback helps, and problem reports help too!
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  • It's here! We released an Android app with ANT+ support to our early access testers. 



    Thank you for helping test Strava! Send feedback to

    ANT+: ANT+ power, heartrate, cadence and footpod sensors are now able to connect with Strava. If your phone does not have native support for ANT+ you may use a USB adapter to connect to ANT+ sensors.

    BTLE: BTLE sensors are also supported, but Bluetooth 2.0 support has been removed.

    Step Rate: If your device includes a step count sensor we use that to track your step rate during a run. 


    If you have technical support questions, not feedback for the app, feel free to contact us directly

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  • Good to see ANT+ is working. Grat work from Strava as always, a motivated staff with lots of feedback from all users,


    Even nicer to see you guys shut up that bunch of whiners that think app development is like making a fingersnap.
    It takes time, licensing, lots of bureaucracy and hours of code, testing , debugging approval, rinse and clean.

    The effort is not just clicking things and BAM! here is your feature!

    Why? Because if they announce it faster and it fails, then... here comes the whiners again, specially those that DO NOT PAY A DIME anywhere and feel like they should have their asses licked.
    You guys realize that everytime I see the phrase "I am taking my business elsewhere" 10 people has already signed up the free trial while you type it? Nobody cares, the internet is BIG.

    To resume, if you want more features, support the app developers and find other place to relieve your pain.

    Strava just showed you all that they deliver.

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  • So easy to take the high road and write a self congratulatory message after the fact, if you read the the whole conversation, you would realized that strava outright refused to add ANT+ support, and if it wasn't for us that pay for accounts and use the service a lot, who complained and pressed Strava to add it for 2 years, you would most likely not be enjoying ANT+ support on strava and writing that message. lol

    So yeah Strava delivered, but it took them 2 years, but yeah they delivered lol.

    I develop apps for a living, it's easy, and some developers are better than others, it's not hard to implement ant+ support, it's actually very simple. Sadly Strava didn't give a crap about it until we PAYING customers complained enough... and quick 2+ years later, here it is. 

    The squeeky wheel always gets the oil ;P

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  • Jason,

    You were ahead of my reaction. and you are right spot on. Let's put it this way: If it would take Strava 2 years to programm an app for ANT+, and the competition has is a long time, I don;t see myself as a whiner. No, this company does't listen to the customers but suits its own path.

    Elle: you talk about version V4.6, but I'm on 4.9.1 at my S6edge and can't find anywhere I can scan for ANT+ hardware, which is possible in e.g. Endomondo. There must be a possibility to connect or disconnect hardware, if I accidently connect with another heartstrap or buy a new one.

    And Rodolfo: You must be the ultimate ass licker of all times.

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  • Rodolfo:

    You seem to come to the issue vastly ill-informed. Starva supported ANT+ in Apple devices with an add-on dongle for approximately 2 years before adding it to Android phones that had the functionality built-in. And then they suggested that we all dump our investment in ANT+ and buy Bluetooth devices.

    And yes, the internet is big. So what? Are they using Strava? Here you had PAYING customers who wanted a reasonable feature that was already supported on another platform. I did cancel by premium membership over this. If you are developer who lets a loyal customer go that easily, then I doubt you are particularly successful.

    Strava stared listening less than a month after it was suggested we start commenting on the rides of the product developers.


    I think you have to go to Record Activity and select the triangle at the bottom right. Not exactly intuitive, but it works.

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  • Robert:

    Thanks, I see it now. Maybe a point for improvement

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  • For those who don;t want to read through 3 years of posts here is a basic timeline:

    5/24/2012   IPhone ANT+ and BTLE support announced. Legacy BT for Android - but they seem to have removed the original blog post.
    12/29/2012   This Android ANT+ topic started
    2/17/2014   Elle: ANT+ not even on road-map
    10/15/2014   Elle: Admits ANT+ wouldn't be a large project
    2/16/2015   Elle: Still no plans for ANT+. BTLE priority
    2/17/2015   ANT+ planned but no time table. In "backlog"
    3/2/2015   Sign up for Beta announced
    7/1/2015   Sign up actually starts
    9/18/2015   Actual Beta starts
    12/14/2015   Official android support for ANT+ and BTLE

    So yeah, just 3.5 years after IPhone received support Android gets it. Took a year for Strava to even respond. 2.75 years since iOS implementation to even get on road-map. Actual development time? 10 months tops, probably less.

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  • Well I waited to get a good deal on an Ant+ bike computer so I could use it with the fancy 'new' functionality of Android Strava. Glad I did.
    Integration /syncing with my speed cadence sensor is a breeze and the data shows on both the phone and computer simultaneously.
    Good work Strava and worth waiting for - despite your stubborn refusal to implement it at all. Thanks for listening.
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  • well so far my Xiaomi redmi 1s smartphone with ant+ support is working well with wahoo and magnetless cadence, speed, sensors plus hrm3SS of garmin

    i checked out strava's new update installed them and tried the ant+ support feature and it worked, i already have the ant+ ip sensor app installed when i was using wahoo app

    i only tried the hrm3SS will check out the cadence, speed and hrm sensors of garmin later it should work with strava android app

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  • Ok, so I have a Garmin heart rate monitor and Samsung S5. I have installed 'Ant Tester' and 'ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher'.  'Ant tester' says that Ant is installed and working.  'ANT+ Heart Rate Grapher' finds the heart rate monitor, pairs with it, and records the heart rate data.  When I go on to the Strava app, and choose "record activity/settings/sensors" and try to pair it, it doesn't find anything.  Am I doing something wrong, or does it just not work?

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  • Would it be possible to add Garmin VivoSmart HR to the compatible devices list?

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  • por favor compatibilidad strava con Garmin VivoSmart HR


    un saludo

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  • Please enable again ant+ support. I was a happy premium user pairing my heart beat monitor for years.. Now strava is forcing me to use a third party application to upload suchs activities.. If ant+ will not be enable again I will be forced to cancel my "summit" account

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