Manually add Training Load to activities for Fitness & Freshness graph

It would be very helpful to be able to add manual TSS estimates to rides. I live in a pretty brutal winter climate and don't risk bringing my crank-mounted power meter on some of the more snow-ridden, submerged, occasionally airborne training rides I do in the winter, so when I return from a 5 hour frostbitten epic I don't really have a good assessment of what the effect on my fatigue/fitness would be. It'd be handy to be able to punch in some kind of guess so I can better keep track of my fitness curves. Just a thought.





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    I'm sorry to report that this improvement request to add a manual value to the Fitness & Freshness graph is not currently planned. We appreciate your feedback, as it will help inform our decisions going forward. 

  • Thanks for the feedback Ryan! 

  • Yes please!!!  I travel a lot and work out in hotel gyms and would LOVE to be able to manually enter a TSS estimate for purposes of the Fitness & Freshness tracker.  Please add!  Thanks!

  • +1

  • That's a good idea.  I was thinking the same thing but only because I have two bikes and one power meter.  However, I have a pretty good idea what my TSS is based on previous rides and HR data.

  • Same here!  Especially in the winter, I sometimes do not have the opportunity to ride with my power meter.  But a very good estimate of TSS can be made, cause the loops resemble a lot to powermeter ridden rides.

  • People - Please be sure to "click me too" to increase the vote for this feature.  Also, if you want this you probable want so vote for both so that this feature gets some momentum.

  • I find that the Heart rate score gets fairly close to the TSS from the power meter and would certainly do the job of keeping the PMC up to date for the days a power meter is not used.

  • @Sean, that might work for shorter higher intensity activities but longer endurance activities usually have a 2x TSS over suffer score in my dashboard.
  • Yea thats true, I just checked a particularly hard ride which had a Training load of 260 vs a suffer score of 187 based on my FTP of 360. But still im in the camp of its good to have something to let the PMC know your working, be it manual input of suffer score..

  • Yep. Me too. I do occasional MTB rides, where I rent a mountain bike - no power meter. Powermeters run out of batteries / dont work more often than I'd like. Plus I had to send my power meter away for a month to get serviced. Hence I have a big hole in my fitness /freshness graph that renders it pretty useless.

  • Hi,

    Would love to be able to enter it manually not to mess up the performance graph....

  • +1 2 bikes one power meter - dont want to change it all the time, know what my tss is for my commute If you added this I wouldn't need to use any other tool, but because you don't have it, it means I have to use other tools even though their UX sucks. This undermines your marketing strategy so get your product manager to move it up his or her backlog :)
  • there are good methods for estimating tss using heart rate.  when i work out in the gym on a spin bike, i can record my heart rate but not the power output.  an estimate would put me much closer to my actual fatigue/ fitness levels.  as things are -- it just looks like i have mutliple days in a row with no training when in fact my gym sessions are some of the most intense rides that I do.

  • Is there any real chance of this happening? I broke my rear wheel (w/ powertap) so have no power data for the last 1.5 weeks until it was fixed. Would be great to be able to manually add the TSS so that the fitness/freshness graph was accurate.

  • Yes please. If you can do this I can abandon WKO+ as one can estimate it there, for their similar fitness/freshness graph. However - I hate that interface! It's 'designed' by non HCI literate sports beings!

  • This is such an obvious missing feature - please Strava, add this functionality ASAP!

  • This really needs to be added - otherwise the Fitness & Freshness graph is useless, and there's less incentive to be a Premium user since I'll just use other software/tools for that, like others have said. 

    (I have one power meter, and multiple bikes. Plenty of rides on studded tires this winter especially, but no power measurements there.)

  • I do about a third of my training on a spinning bike at a gym - without the ability to manually add training load I'm going to have to start using WKO+, Training Peaks or Golden Cheetah. Therefore when my Premium Strava subscription is due I won't be able to justify it.

    Please Strava - give Premium Users who own a power meter the ability to manually add training load!

  • Yes, this would be very helpful.
  • Yes, please.  This is essential for those of us training with power. 

  • big big +1...i'd love to add TSS for my running as i'm a duathlete and the fitness/form graph is only telling half the strava support read this?

  • +1.

    Once in a blue moon, I lose training data from my Garmin.  It would be nice to estimate my TSS - I usually know my ride average power, length, mileage, which should be enough to get in the ballpark for a long ride.  I lost 100 miles of hard training rides this weekend - they would have bumped my fitness (and fatigue) up substantially.

  • +1 would like to keep the freshness fitness graph up to date when I can't use my bike with the power meter

  • +1

    Once in a while I take the mountainbike for a ride.
    This is a training as well, now it seems like a took a day off.

    For this fitness and freshness feature to be usefull, you should be able to record every effort on a bike , not 'sort of' or 'almost'.

    If you've bought a power meter, you won't take 'sort of' for granted.

  • +1

  • +1

  • +1

  • Count me in. Would be nice to see suffer score used for this.

  • Same issue here.  I would love to have my running workouts and my MTB rides included so that the Fitness & Freshness scores account for those as well.

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