OpenStreetMaps in Strava

It would be great to be able to use OpenStreetMaps in addition to the Google Maps.  OpenStreetMaps has many more trails identified, and any user can add their own.  MapMyRun lets you choose OpenStreetMap, and it is great.  Most of the trails I run don't show in Google Maps.

See the attached 2  images.

OSM has a simple API, and should be relatively straight-forward to integrate.

Thanks for your consideration.




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  • I'm only seeing OSM now instead of Google Maps. I strongly prefer Google Maps over OSM. Is there anyway to revert this change, or at least switch between the two?

  • Me, too! The OSM Maps are quite ok (in some areas better than google, in other very poor), but the Satellite-images are very poor in a lot of places here in Europe. Often only bw or a very poor resolution.

    Please let us choose! Bring back GoogleMap Satellite images (or bing).

  • I'm really missing the streetview when making a new route in the route builder....

  • Great, that you habe changed to OSM! O.K. You habe just started, so different views are still miising (Mountainbiking, Hiking, etc. but i am sure youwill integate it shortly.
  • I find the OSM integration to be a step backward.  The street view is essential.  Not being able to scroll in and out with the scroll-wheel is also inconvenient.  Please give us the choice and let us use Google Maps.  This is what Ride with GPS does and it works great.

  • how do i switch to open street maps? i'm still seeing google maps...

  • Some of you say you are unhappy with OSM maps in Strava, but where do you see OSM maps? In the iOS app, Android app or on the website? Cause for me there is no option to choose OSM other than in the Route builder. The website is using Google (Street, terrain and sat.) and the iOS app is using Apple maps (which is crap where I live).

  • On the Strava website, I see OSM when viewing an activity. The thumbnails for the activities and route builder still appear as Google Maps for me. I don't understand why we can't continue to use Google Maps. OSM have caused nothing but a lot of frustration for me.

  • Kyle Polansky, that is very strange. For me it's opposite, Google when viewing an activity and OSM for thumbnails.

  • For those who live in countries that not have a lot of attention from OSM, basically we are f****! Especially who ride mountain bikes.
    It's absurd the difference between the platforms, not mention the loss of street view.
    If I'm unable to use Google Maps as default, I wont renew my premium subscription. Unfortunately.

  • On website I see the thumbnails for the activities and route builder with Google Maps and blank (whole white) MapBox when viewing an activity.

  • @Strava: Thanks for adding OSM map data! Looking forward to integration of specialised layers (e. g. Hike Bike Map, OpenCycleMap etc.).

    @those complaining: Please make yourself familiar with what OpenStreetMap is. It is a free & open source world map made by volunteers, not few of them like us being outdoor sports enthusiasts. Think of it as a kind of Wikipedia World Map. The cool thing about this is: as we cycle and run and hike around with our GPS devices we can easily upload them to OSM and within minutes where there have not been single trails etc. before they now show up. I do this whenever I ride or run somewhere “in the unkown”. A sunny island in Croatia has profited a lot from my activities with now having much more mapped single trails, tracks etc. In areas with good OSM coverage I can even during a hike etc. plan e. g. for the next break with data on water access, fountains and springs, rest places, viewpoints, markets and much more available! If a country “has little attention from OSM” it is because *you* live in an area where there are not many mappers. However, you ride and run with GPS everytime, don’t you? No big deal, just upload your GPX files to OSM, too :)

    I do agree though that satellite image coverage is rather poor on OSM services. But map data != satellite data. It would be cool to have Google as a choice, too.

    Please keep this in mind before quick & dirty posting. And please do not swear. It really does not help :)

    If you are interested in contributing to OSM check out or contact the OSM group in your area/country at

  • I still haven't got the OSM maps, I'm hoping to see them soon ( I guess they roll out them gradually). And I agree with Maximilian W. about the bad coverage, if you live in an area with poor OSM maps, just log in to and spend a few minutes to fix the area you normaly ride. Editing OSM is really trivial, you can have Bing maps as a background and then just draw shapes and lines on top of that. It just takes a few minutes to get started. Then for trails, you can upload your gpx data and use that as a base for your mapping.

  • The implementation does appear to be a bit hit and miss:

    1. There is no offline OSM support on mobile devices (IOS/Android etc) - this is a killer for me as my trails take me out of cell reception regularly.

    2. If I view using an iPad, I get Google's map, If I view on my Mac I get OSM. Please allow us to select, or at least keep a consistent experience across devices.

    3. Terrain is missing on OSM, a critical component which now means I have to flip into other applications to judge hill/falls etc.

  • I can not see OSM map in Strava. Is it limited by location?

  • I appreciate the addition of OpenStreetMaps, but I really miss the Street View option of Google Maps. It would be nice if the OSM layer would be optional, and you could still pick Google Maps if you wanted. I drop the Street View yellow man on the route quite often to check to roads, which is especially handy when planning a ride. (Such a shame it was never available in the Route Planner, maybe something to include too in the future...). I miss this now a lot. Also, the OSM implementation seems to be not retina display friendly/ready, the displayed map image quality is very bad compared to what it was with Google Maps. Please make OSM optional, instead of enforcing it.

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