Attach a Route (map) when entering a 'Manual Entry'

It is really frustrating when a device destroys your data!!! In my case an 18 hour ride and nothing to show for it.

What do we do .. only solution at the moment is to add a Manual Entry.

Currently there is no image of the route taken when adding a 'Manual Entry'.

If we could import a route (gpx or  select one of 'My Routes') it would greatly enhance the entry.

Note: no time data would be available from the file ... that is expected.



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    This feature is available on Android but not yet on iOS or web. I'm waiting for an update from the team at Strava, and I'll keep you all posted. 

  • I agree, I want to add a route that I will be doing in 2 weeks so I can look at the elevation on strava.  I have a gpx file from someone's map my ride and I'd like to import it as a route on Strava but so far I don't see any way I can do that without building the route from scratch.... 

  • Or, in my case, I do the same few routes every week, and it would be nice to attach one of 'My Routes' to those runs even though I don't bring my phone along with me.

  • Agreed. It is a big shame that on manual entry I cannot select one of my pre-defined routes. Please can we have this !

  • This would also allow elevation to be included in a Manual entry.

  • For manual entry, a very good improvement would be a "select route" button.   My device sometimes dies mid-run and I lose my data--or the power button gets bumped.   The whole reason I saved routes on the site was so that I could use them for actual activities.  Then I realized that any added activities cannot use my existing routes, nor can I use an existing route for a manual entry.  Thus there is absolutely no meaningful purpose for them other than sharing with friends--which really isn't necessary because they can see the routes on my activities.. 

  • Agreed.  Garmin USB connector broke so can't upload my 4 hour ride up Haleakala and can't enter elevation gain on manual entry.

  • Agree 100% with the idea of a "Select Route" feature when conducting a manual upload.  This gives a route map and also an approximate elevation profile and although quite a basic change, would add immensely to the current information available with a basic manual upload.

  • Map-My-Ride lets you manually trace your route on a map and then attach that map to a workout that was entered manually.  It would be great if Strava had a similar tool.

  • This is exactly the idea I had in mind. As is already said, Map-My-Ride has this feature, as well as the USATF site. Having this on Strava will truly bring it far ahead of the others.

  • Strava needs to add this. Same thing happen to me. 

  • Agree I haven't got a gps device but riding to and from the office daily.
    I manually entered my routes and just need to be able to select a route when entering a manual activity.

    Give us a 'select route' drop down with an option to select 'other' and it'll be awesome! :)

  • I would love this option to be available. I lost a 100km ride yesterday from my Garmin. I would have liked to be able to import a GPX file into my manual entry in Strava just so I can at least see a map with the route I took.

  • This is a feature that will stop me using Strava. 

    C'mon guys add it already!

  • Love the new route builder, but would be great to have the option when manually adding a ride, to choose from your created routes.

  • What is equally frustrating is the manual entries don't count towards any of the challenges.

  • Really need that feature, 'cause I've been using MapMyRide during my last cycling trip in Mexico, and my iPhone app stopped recording my route almost one day out of three.

    The Strava app doesn't seem to act that way. But I would like to recreate my past rides since January 1st, creating manual activities and binding routes to them (don't need the splits, just the elevation profile).


  • This tool would be amazing. I've lost 5 of my 1st 7 rides and runs to GPS malfunctions.
  • Indeed a long overdue feature. Runkeeper has had this for years already.

  • Phone died, and it looks like I grew wings to my car. I know my route, just want to edit my route.

  • I am waiting for this feature to be implemented to order my Strava jersey.
  • Please, please, please do this!  My "record" didn't take for Bay to Breakers and though I know most of the info, I would love to see a map, an account for the elevation and just the "proof" that I did it.  It seems like it should be an easy thing to do, at least just copy the route of a super popular race.

  • What is the point of the route builder if it can't be used for navigation or manual entry of rides?

  • Just came back from a ride where the app just seem to stop on a number of occasions - I'd like to 'fill in the gaps' but I can't. PLEASE ALLOW MANUAL ROUTE ENTRY. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

  • Come on Strava there seems to be plenty of users who would like to see this happen, including me!

  • Throwing my vote behind this feature too. Note that Strava already has these mechanisms in place, as you can upload a GPX file but if it doesn't have time data it will reject it. 

  • Timothy T - completely agree with you. Seriously thinking about going elsewhere and advising my friends to do the same. Strava wont do it as it thinks it's bigger than what it is. There are plenty of other good route plotting sites out there. I'm off.

  • Strava, 

    This is making a bit of a mockery of your feedback process. Since I requested this months ago I have have had a constant stream of updates seeing others asking for the same thing.

    Can we have an update on when/if this will be added. Its beginning to feel like you may as well not bother asking what we think !

  • I can't seem to find HOW to add a "Manual Entry".  On my phone? on my computer?  I can't find any links on how to do actually do it.

  • I ride frequently in an area with no cell signal and thus I am unable to use my phone to record my ride. I would love to be able to manually add my ride in WITH a map of the route. The inability to do this will deter me from using Strava in the future.

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