Attach a Route (map) when entering a 'Manual Entry'

It is really frustrating when a device destroys your data!!! In my case an 18 hour ride and nothing to show for it.

What do we do .. only solution at the moment is to add a Manual Entry.

Currently there is no image of the route taken when adding a 'Manual Entry'.

If we could import a route (gpx or  select one of 'My Routes') it would greatly enhance the entry.

Note: no time data would be available from the file ... that is expected.



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  • We're are working on some very exciting new features and improvements, but the feature or enhancement requested here isn't among them. We appreciate your feedback, but please understand that we simply do not have the bandwidth to incorporate each and every user suggestion into our product. That being said: if you know any stellar engineers who'd like to help us bring some of these things to life, Strava is hiring!

    - The Product Team

  • Elle,

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to this feature request. While many would very much like to see this feature delivered, there is an understanding that Strava has priorities.

    We hope you get the engineers you are looking for and this request progresses some time soon.

    regards Thomas

  • @Elle, I'll write you guys.  I'm an iOS Developer.

  • I back this idea as well. Would add to your own 'database' of routes you've cycled in the past without GPS data. I can imagine it would not count towards challenges but please allow a route to be added manually for later reference.

  • Strava is neat for knowing that me and buddies are doing 50.4389577629 MPH, down Nine, but not being able to track my own rides in the event of a HW malfunction, e.g. using a Route as a proxy for a ride, is a major flaw in the use model. Will probably stick with Cyclemeter for real training.

  • Agree. Agree Agree.  Use should be able to add a route to a manually created activity.  I can't afford a gps watch and I HATE strapping my phone to my arm for a run.  But I love everything about Strava and use it to track all of my workouts and mileage.  Unfortunately if I don't bring my phone with me, I lose all of that good elevation data.  

  • Adding my vote for this feature. It would be very handy on those days when my GPS watch craps out on me.

  • Another vote. I ride Rapha club rides quite often, and several time my phone has dropped, so what I'd really like to see is a way  to "join" their recorded rides manually. You're so good otherwise Strava! Please add this  feature. 

  • I'd also like to chime in to add this feature!! As someone who does the same 3-4 routes per week, it would be awesome!!

  • Well I lost another 100km ride today during a charity event. My Garmin did an auto power down (due to inactivity) and didn't save the ride I had that was paused at the time during a break. All gone. No where to be seen. And again, I don't have the ability to upload the route to my manual activity. Very frustrating!

  • Please add this Strava. It would be extremely helpful!

  • I agree, this seems like a fairly straightforward and basic item to add to this application! I was using mapmyrun but recently switched over to Strava since I was finding it was far more accurate for runs than mapmyrun (I would run with both apps on just to compare). But this is kind of a dealbreaker. Please add soon!!!!

  • The sad thing is that this feature wouldn't even take that long to implement in a basic way. The route objects exist because u made them in the browser app. you expose them in your api to your app developer and he adds a picker to the manual entry UI. on upload the server request handler sees you've specified a route and uses the route GPS data instead of what could have been tracked to create your activity object. basics done.
  • This would be great. I could ride my summer GPS routes on my TACX Fortuis in the winter via google earth and link the ride to an actual map. Currently I can only see Speed, Power, HR and cadence. 

  • Unless there is a really hidden button I have not discovered, there seems no way to use Strava unless you ride with a GPS device. So until that is in place, I use mapmyride to record all of my activity and log on to Strava to interact with the rest of the cycling club. Why have a manual map maker without a button for 'did this workout?'




  • One more vote for adding the capability to choose one of my saved routes when I manually enter an activity, Strava. I use MapMyRide and am trying to switch to Strava because some friends use it, but I also do not like taking my phone with me on a run, so this is a HUGE lacking feature for me. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to do it before I realized it wasn't possible. This could be a deal-breaker.

  • Please include an add route map feature to manual entries. Sometimes the GPS just doesn't pick up. One more vote!

  • I just came over to Strava from MapMyRide (after endless hounding from friends), and found that this feature is lacking.  Seriously???  How much more of a basic feature could this be?

    What happens when your GPS doesn't track?  Runs out of batteries?  Old school people who don't use one?  My commuter bike just has a basic cyclocomputer, and I'm perfectly OK with this.  I tried to enter my morning work commute, and can't enter data other than time and distance.  Please, Strava:  add this capability.

  • It's disappointing that this suggestion is nearly a year old and has over 70 customer comments in favor of it, yet it is still not deemed a high priority by Strava.  It's such a basic feature and is a key component of every other competitor system I've used.  I personally know two people who've gone back to RunKeeper because of Strava's inability to make this work.  And even though I think Strava is by far the best in all other areas, I'm close to being a third.  The lack of response beyond "we have priorities" is disappointing.

  • I completely agree with Mike, Brett, and the majority of the comments posted. I'm also a former user of MapMyRide, Endomondo, and several other cycling tracking applications. They all have some issues. I do like competing with and tracking my friends using Strava. However, I need to repeat what's been posted several times previously - what's the point of having a route building tool when you can't use it for manual entry?! This past Sunday only the 2nd half of a 50-mile ride got recorded. I have the route sheet from the ride so I used the route builder tool to complete the ride. I had time of ride and the other cycling stats to complete the ride entry manually. I thought this was a cool feature. However, after some effort, I was very disappointed when I realized that I couldn't use this completed route as a manual entry. To me this is such a basic and needed capability. It was also disappointing to read that this capability isn't high on Strava's list of priorities.

    I'm a retired NASA Aerospace Engineer with much experience in FORTRAN and C++. Since it's been nearly a year since this capability was suggested, I could learn the code required for Strava and develop this capability from my home before Strava gets around to it. I'm sure this is a lot easier than rocket science. 

  • I agree. I've just signed up on Strava after some serious internet reserch to find the best software and I can't belive that this BASIC functionality is not implemented!

    After returning from a ride I discovered that for some reason my GPX file contained no/corrupted time stamp data and so I am therefore unable to associate it with an activity. I incorrectly assumed that this could be done simply by selecting one of my pre-defined routes but amazingly no!

    Come on, pull your finger out. Get the basics right first before implementing additional features!

  • After several days of research to find the best way around this problem, I've just discovered a really easy and simple solution :-)

    1. Goto

    2. Take your GPX/TCX file (either exported from Strava Route Builder/your own GPS/other mapping software) and drag it into the main map window to load it up.

    3. Open the "Window-Toolbox" and you will find a whole host of excellent utilities to edit your files. Here you can reset the date/time of your ride, set an average speed along with loads more.

    4. Export out the file, ensuring its in GPX format (the TCX option does'nt appear compatible with Strava).

    5. Add a new activity in Strava by uploading the resultant GPX file.

    Hey presto, the file loads successfully with the new date/time stamp. Its not ideal in that it uses a single average speed for the ride, but at least you now have a way to capture those runs/cycles when you have a missing/corrupted file.




  • +1

  • I ve followed Phil Ware's advice (third one down from top) its long winded, but it does work!!, it even included segments, 

  • Just joined and very disappointed to see this most basic feature is not available. My Garmin is almost dead and I don't generally run with my phone, so why wouldn't the system allow me to attach my timings to a pre-existing route I run regularly. It can't be that difficult, surely. Very frustrating.

  • I agree guys, this is a really critical feature. My guess is that there's some good business reason why you haven't done this - as it would allow people to contribute less data - but even if I'm right about that I actually think you'd encourage more adopters by making this route front and center. People who don't want to buy a gps device yet (or carry their phone), but nevertheless would be fanatical strava users. Please please please!

  • Phil Ware's solution is the best one yet. Just be carefull to edit a very slow pace to not conflict with the KOM tables.

    Would be usefull if Strava would add this feature though. It's a shame when you're out and your route is partially not registered and you like to keep track of what you've done.

  • Strava seems not to be listening here. This is basic stuff.

  • I'm all for this option, too. I occasionally forget to take my GPS watch. I rarely, if ever, run with my mobile phone. My battery occasionally dies. GPS signal can be lost. And at the moment Garmin keep losing my runs (despite telling me they've uploaded successfully). If I've run a route, then run it again but with no file to upload to be able to enter a manual run saying it was the same route as run xxx would be super, as that way although I'd only get an average pace for the entire route, at least it would appear on a map and would include elevation gain and all would be added to my totals (year and all time).

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