Correct and Edit bad GPS points in an Activity

Occasionally I've had problems with my cycling GPS data, and have been getting spikes and spurious readings which result in strange route fits, and miscalculation of actual distance traveled (usually overestimated). Are there any plans to allow for manual pruning or manipulation of bad GPS data points by the user, thereby allowing Strava to "fit" the route more closely to the actual ride? Obviously, my phone is the culprit for the bad data, but it would be really useful to have the ability in Strava to either 1) remove/edit the wonky GPS points, and/or 2) to fit/nudge the route manually to existing roads on the map when the route is not properly tracked. 

I've heard that other cycling apps can do this, but I don't have any experience with these. I think it would be very helpful for those of us who want our Strava logs to reflect our actual mileage :) I realize it's probably easier said than done, and of course this would effectively kill any segment stats in the affected area. But since I use Strava mostly for mileage and mapping, and less for segments (though I do use and enjoy these), I wouldn't be as concerned about the effects on the segment calculations. 

Anyways, thanks for considering this. Keep up the good work!



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  • @Michael Gt B: Then why use Strava at all?  If I exporting/importing each event is the answer then why even bother exporting at all?  Find a different service that works right and stick with that.

  • @Christina R.  Sorry what I was meant to type was you can use Run Keeper to edit your route and then import them into Strava.  I think Strava is great beside not being able to edit your routes our sync with PolarFlow. - that's a whole other discussion.

  • thank you Joe Ackerson, snap tool easily resolved issue

  • Maybe instead of a complete editor it would be ok to have a "follow closest track/road" option, and even strava can give the corrected route as the option. had issues lately as a group of Strava missing segments we ride all the time. when you see "missed at 96%" and things on a 10 minute segmant, surely some slight correction of gps fails can be sorted?

  • +1 for this feature - as the app regularly seems to be messing up more and more for me if I don't have the ability to correct the route afterwards I may have to change app.  

  • Would love this feature, my iPhone battery life is so poor and unreliable!!

  • This is the only issue preventing me from becoming a paid user.


  • Any update on adding this feature? Had a ride cut by 4 miles today because the GPS was off. Recorded route had me flying over roads and interstates. 

  • There is a "crop" option under actions. At least on the web app.

  • I'd like to see improvements similar to what's being suggested so a user could fix and edit random GPS issues along with better cropping and merging tools for GPS files. I could potentially see a concern with people using editing features to game certain segments but there's already GPS file editing tools and sites, although building tools directly into Strava which can alter routes and not just remove/clip bad data might make that easier and more common. In that case I'd personally be happy if you could adjust for GPS errors and if it occurred in a certain segment wouldn't count towards that segment's leaderboard. A user could still look at the time and manually compare how they would have done and if they really wanted could submit a service request to have it matched like what's currently possible.

  • If you are tracking your activities in Strava, as one poster above mentioned very briefly, you can edit your activity in Strava with the wrench tool to get a Cropping option. This lets you trip from the start or end of your run. For example, I ran 2 miles at a nearby park and then drove home, and forgot to stop my run (actually I think I paused it and then restarted it) until I was home. So, my run had this weird 4 mile straight line at the end of it. I was easily able to remove that spurious last segment. This worked in the Web browser on my Mac, so I don't know if it is available in the mobile version of Strava.

  • Is this a joke?  No way to edit... Seriously?

  • Yes, and the jokes on me I guess because I continue to live with the same old issue day in and day out. 

  • Me too, Ken.  Me too...

  • This still isn't solved? Apparently I've been running over a lake, repeatedly, at 60km/h!

    Surely a rule where you can't run over water would be useful

  • I think they're busy working on more ways to selfie yourself.

  • Sorry folks, the status of this feature suggestion has not changed. 

    Nov. 4th:

    It's quite an intensive project to build a GPS-editor tool for Strava. It's clear that there would be great value in investing in this project - however, it is not currently planned. Please keep adding your votes, and we're always happy to consider this project for a later time.

  • I don't think a GPS editor tool is needed. That seems like overkill. Perhaps this thread should be renamed. All we need is a way to correct overall distance for an activity. That's not nearly the same level of complexity agreed?

  • Runkeeper lets you adjust your run in the map so you can adjust any GPS points that are wrong, so you can adjust your run in runkeeper then export the file and import into strava

  • I'd like to see this function too.
    Occasionally the Strava App stops recording part way through a ride, it would be nice to add the section somehow manually before uploading.

  • I've got a suggestion for improving your app and, with some programming knowledge, I can tell you it's pretty simple.  
    1) Create a floor for cycling speeds.
    2) Make it user adjustable.
    As an example, my Strava app (on my phone) consistently underestimates my speed. How do I know this? It records more moving time than my bike computer, particularly on long rides. Why? It records "walking around time during my breaks off the bike". 
    So, if this feature were available (and I'm going to be embarrassed if I've missed it), I'd simply tell Strava to ignore anything under 3 or 4 mph. 

  • I hit pause - and forgot to restart my device.  Can I fix that?

  • yeah, +1 for simple route editing.

    somehow i leapfrogged a 50ft river, then ran in a perfectly straight line to the top of a bluff. GPS isn't perfect, i get that, but simple route editing would solve it's problems.

  • Definitely need this. Had a ride today that started me 10 miles away, then soon after jumped to where I actually was. 25 MPH average? I wish! Can't just manually enter the ride as I had a couple PRs I'd like to keep! :)
  • I had the same issue. I forgot to start my ride in the app after brief pause. I realized it after 13 kms. A map or distance correction would be really helpful. 

  • Thanks to the person above that mentioned the "crop" tool on the Strava website. I had a ride (uploaded from Garmin) that had the starting point way, way off of where it should have been. I was able to crop the ride in Strava and eliminate the bogus start.

    Can't be done on mobile app. On the website, go into your ride, click the wrench icon, and choose "crop". Good to go.


  • Need this function to be added to the mobile App.

  • I'm always happy to jump in on this one. Basic issue still remains, even with the crop feature available. Crop does not help when a "blip" happens mid-way through an activity where the net result is a run/ride that is too long or too short due to any number of issues that might happen during.  Manual adjustment of overall time/distance is still a severely lacking basic need for mobile and web and again, this functionality is found on *all* other competing activity site trackers/apps, Nike+, Dailymile, Smashrun, TrainingPeaks, MapMyRun, Garmin Connect, etc...  Modifying overall activity time/distance is the primary request (and doesn't need to interfere with the individual segments contained within, which is what I think may be partially the cause of the hang-up here?).

  • I just had the same problem today.  My ride should've been 28.2. I stopped to take a picture 3 mi from home, and Strava auto paused but apparently didn't resume, dropping the last 3 mi from my ride. No way to add the remaining distance either.

    So, I exported the .gpx file into my mapmyride account.  Bingo!  I was able to add the last segment.  Unfortunately it also added a loop to one part of the route that I didn't do, and I wasn't able to delete it, but I was able to turn off the cue sheet directions to that bad part. 

    Then, I thought I'd be smart and import the mapmyride .gpx file back into Strava.  Well, it wasn't accepted because it was "missing time stamp info".  Funny, the time stamp info went from Strava to mapmy ride. 

    I used to run Strava and mapmyride concurrently for my rides, but stopped as it was a huge battery drain.  I just ran Strava because the auto pause feature is so convenient.  Well, I'm rethinking that.  I'm going to a paid version of a bike gps tracker app, and am looking at Strava, mapmyride, and ride with GPS (now that it can be run on an iphone).  I will take into account this lack of functionality with Strava, and it could be a deal breaker for me.



  • I experienced issue for first time today on my ride in to work, which apparently was shorter than normal and completed at an average of 118 mph. the only difference between last several months and today is 'going pro'. i really wanted the live stats, so i go my 30 day trial going. Whether or not this is connected to the pro version upgrade, i am definitely not paying for something so woefully inaccurate. i will give it a go and if  it happens again, i'll go back to the freebie. i honestly find it difficult to believe that an app gains such traction in such a competitive market as Strava has, when it it missing basic features such as this.Anyway...

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