Mobile App support for indoor (non-GPS) recording

The Strava App for iPhone/Android does not currently have many features in place for stationary trainer or indoor recording. The App requires a valid GPS signal to record data, and will not be able to record good data when indoors with a weak GPS signal. For now, you can always enter your stationary/indoor metrics in a Manual Activity entry within the App or on the Strava website.

If we choose to better support stationary/indoor workouts in the future, what kinds of integrations, support, and features would you like to see on the Strava mobile app? 

Some suggestions we've heard before: 

- Tag activities as stationary trainer from the mobile app

- Fix issues with viewing indoor/non-GPS activities from the mobile app (there are display issues with the data currently)

- Manual entry for Heart Rate, Power and Cadence to an indoor activity.

- Support recording indoors with no GPS signal with ANT+ or BTLE accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. 

- Enter an approximate or estimated distance to an existing activity for cycling done on a stationary trainer without a speed sensor (similar feature suggestion here).

Please send us your feedback and ideas. Thanks! 



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  • I am currently using the SportsTracker app for indoor spinning since I dont find Strava good enough for this kind of use. I have my iPhone mounted on the spinning bike during a session with live HR-feedback and live HR-graphs.

    I find it very useful to have clear feedback on heartrate % and HR-zone. It is also very useful to have a (time-) graph that shows HR from start.

    After a session, it is useful to have access to max HR, avg HR and time spent in various zones.

    As for distance, I would regard that as irrelevant. Unless you use the same resistance on the spinning bike every time (or have a power-meter), it will not tell you anything.

    -Jarl P

  • All I want is to be able to see my heart rate and elapsed time after a trainer ride.  My Garmin isn't fancy enough to do HR, so I have to use my iPhone/Strava for that.  But since the app assumes I'm using GPS, it gives me a tiny bit of mileage, and not as much time as I actually spent.

  • .csv file import capability. I can easily capture basic workout data in csv format simply by plugging a thumb drive into the spin bike, treadmill, etc.. Would love to be able to import into Strava. There's no GPS data in the file, of course.

  • Ideally, I want strava to be my dashboard for all things biking. In the winter, I don't have any records of my indoor rides.  I use a wahoo heart rate, cadence, and distance sensor.  I'd like the distance sensor to be used instead of GPS.  The power curve of my trainer (cycleops fluid2) should be used to get an estimate distance based on speed and resistance.  

    For premium users, I could see there being a live session where multiple riders can join into a group and ride together.  Vitals, speeds and distances would be shown on a live leaderboard.

  • Kinetic InRide support

  • Strava already includes workouts for other stationary activities, e.g.: ellipticals, stair steppers, and weight training; so why not also stationary biking?

    I own a Keiser M3i (bluetooth-enabled computer) that tracks: cadence, HR (with my Polar H7), Watts, elapsed time, and a Keiser-specific measure of distance (Keiser says they may offer a mi/km metric in the future) and effort. It would be great to map any of those to whatever else you're finding as common data amongst other people's indoor bike training. I'm most keen on: cadence, HR, Watts, distance, and time. During the Winter, indoor training (complemented by biking and skate skiing (already available, thanks!)) is a big part of my activity base, so I'd certainly like to see it tracked, as well.

    Thanks for considering this request. I hope to see it added soon.

  • Even the simple ability to label the activity as 'indoor running' or 'indoor cycling' and then edit the basic data like calories, miles, etc would be really helpful.  As long as it doesn't affect your outdoor stats, etc.  Right now, the editing of an activity is severely limited, and there are only 2 activity types, running and biking.

    I understand Strava is meant to be used outside, and being outside is awesome, but weather, convenience, and other factors can make it difficult sometimes.


  • Yes please. I would like to log all my cycling training in one place. In door training should be an option in strava. Auto disable gps or prevent "jumping" and log sensor input e.g. cadence, power, heart, time. Might be nice to be able to view these on overlayed graphs so you could easily compare heart rate at particular power output together and cadence. No need for distance.  I use bluetooth products.

  • I use an Elite Real trainer and would love to be able to port my training from that over to strava.  It records, cadence, speed, power, elevation profiles and HR but there is no way to get it into strava.  Hopefully some day there will.


  • FWIW: I you CAN import trainer rides into Strava ... but you can't record a trainer ride with the Stava app.

    I use my Garmin Edge 810 (with the GPS turned off) or the Wahoo iPhone app to record my trainer rides and they get imported into Garmin Connect and then get pulled (pushed) into Strava.  The trainer rides show up fine.

  • + 1 for Support recording indoors with ANT+ or BT accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. This would mean the Strava app would NOT require a GPS signal to record data such as time and accessory data. 

     It's kind of ridiculous that it has taken so long for supporting this as it's a very fundamental feature. 

    Since HRM is the only reason I upgraded to Premium and it doesn't work properly, I have no choice but to discontinue it and move to the competition. 





  • Hi, I just start using a coach so I need to track data. Until I get a power meter next month, I'm using a heart rate monitor. Last night I did an hour on the rollers. Before I started, I disabled the auto pause feature then his start my workout. At the end of the hour I was a little surprised because strava didn't record my heart rate data for the whole hour. Why doesn't it do that? And when will it do that? If I'm not going to be able to record my power and heart rate data while riding on both the road and trainer using strava, I'll explore switching back to mapmyride if that's a better option. Explanations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • And yes, as I read these comments... If I'm not moving (while on the rollers), why can't strava simply record the elapsed time and my heart rate and power data? Seems like those features should continue regardless of whether the gps is on or off. I understand wanting to prevent cheating by adding miles, but why block the collecting of heart rate and power data? Again, if I figure out mapmyride is a better option for collecting data both on the rollers and on the road, you may be loosing another premium subscriber. Please let me know what the plans are to fix this. Seems ridiculous that it hasn't been fixed already after reading all the other comments.
  • Strava should collect all the normal metrics even if a GPS signal isn't available (Speed, cadence, heart rate, power meter, etc).  Obviously this only applies if you actually have the appropriate sensors.

  • Have to agree that it is silly so many of us have to kludge our way into getting data from trainer rides into Strava that is meaningful.  And with so many trainers out there now that allow you to do so many things (like the whole Elite Real series for example) and track power, cadence, speed and heart rate and can even simulate routes you ride it is silly for Strava not to have some better interfaces set up.  Trainingpeaks allows me to download my workout directly into their system with ease.  For Strava I have to kludge my way into getting the data into the system.  I would also love to be able to compare workouts (trainer ones) like I compare my road rides.  My trainer's software does a pretty good job of this but again, following data in two or more places is a pain.  

  • Agree 100% with the previous posters. Endomondo and lots of other free apps have this down. Kind of ridiculous for Strava to have the GPS turned off every time I want to do stationary work at home or at the gym.

  • I want to upload my activities on my indoor trainer too.

    In this vacation, I tried to develop an Android application to do it and it starts working. Its quality is not high enough to release yet but if you are interested to try, see




  • I have a Wahoo TICKR X that records heart rate, cadence, and time while I'm on my indoor trainer.  I would like to upload that data plus my distance from my rear wheel odometer manually to keep track of my indoor training.  Please upgrade Strava iPhone App (I have a iPhone 5s) to accommodate indoor training rides.

  • I'm not disputing that others might want to do this with the mobile app and that these suggestions would be useful to them, but personally I don't use the mobile app for indoor training since the training software for the computer that is controlling the trainer and managing my VR rides always creates data files that can be either directly or indirectly (after going through Golden Cheetah) manually uploaded to Strava. I use at least five different software packages and every one of them records power, cadence, heart rate data that I can push up to Strava and some of them include GPS data too from the virtual environment. It takes a powerful computer to run these VR sessions e.g. Zwift, I'm thinking that the future is that the trainer software itself will become the data collector and interface to Strava, and not a Garmin or a smartphone app.

  • I was a premium subscriber up until I started using a spin cycle for training indoors. The Strava iPhone app just doesn't cut it for recording indoor training. Why can it display heart rate and duration during exercise (even if the GPS signal is lost), but is not able to log this data at the end? I contacted support and was told to use the Wahoo fitness app to record my indoor training and then share with Strava. Well I tried that and found only the duration was shared. No heart rate data was shared.

    So Elle Anderson, you asked the question in April 2014, and have had numerous members requesting support to record indoor training activities, yet Strava is yet to deliver. Can we at least find out if this is being developed into a future release? An ETA would be nice, because right now I'm looking for other apps that meet my needs.

  • I continue to kludge my way through using Strava for indoor training.  If I use a spin bike (like the one at the gym at work) I use Wahoo Fitness and get just HR data.  If I use my Elite Trainer I can export a TCX file and import it into Garmin Connect and then get that over to Strava and get HR, Power, Speed and Cadence Data.  If I run on a treadmill I also use Wahoo to record HR data but don't get my miles and can't put them in.  If I use a regular trainer and my Domane using my Garmin 500 I get all my data but again, it gets funky bringing it into Strava.  The worst case scenario is when I go to use one of the Sufferfest Videos on Strava on my phone.  I have to start another app (usually Wahoo Fitness), start the video, record with the other app but I can't see any of my HR or other data without pausing the video and looking at the other app, going back to video and restarting the video to continue.  Want to make us real happy, have Strava record everything and our numbers show in a little box or overlay so we can really do our workouts without having to kludge things all over the place.  Love Strava for my rides, but for my indoor work (unfortunately this time of year that is a lot of it) it really is about 3 generations behind most other apps.

  • This issue dates back to at least Jan 2013 on

    I'll be dropping my premium after this period ends, due largely to this, and not being able to log elevation gain for manual entry (another angry mob that's been going strong here for over a year).

    These seem like basics to me; the heat map and suffer score are fun, but the service still offers only a partial solution to tracking my fitness, and that's the whole point. Both issues I've followed should be perfectly straight-forward to resolve, have been acknowledged by the team, and dramatically affect the accuracy/completeness of overall training data for what I suspect is a large percentage of users (those who use stationary trainers/treadmills off-season, and those who run/ride up mountains). Guess there have been more serious issues this whole time?

  • Like some others mentioned I use the Elite app to capture Cadence, Power, HR from my BT sensors, export the TCX and then get it into Strava. If the Strava app could do that for me would be great as it would make things easier and the Elite app is just ugly.


    It should be simple as turning off the GPS for indoor usage as the connection to all the sensors already exist.

  • I've just started using Wahoo Fitness to record data from indoor rides, but have discovered that when I upload the data to Strava, it includes time during which I paused the Wahoo Fitness app, so my average speed is falsely low (and the workout time is falsely high). The Wahoo Fitness app records the active time as well as the total time, so all Strava would need to do is use the active time rather than the total time, doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to do. Would be great if this could be sorted out.

  • How about just properly support import of Garmin data where the workout has GPS turned off?
  • Hey wow, Garnin import works great now. I guess it has bee a while since I tried to upload an indoor spin. And now with connect all the better!
  • I think my feature request for the app is slightly different, I'm looking at how the app displays stationary workouts that I've manually uploaded to the site.  I don't use the Strava app to record my stationary bike workout, I use my Garmin 500 instead while I ride on rollers.  But then I upload that to the web site and mark it as a stationary trainer ride type, when I look at the stats for that workout via the Strava app, the data is not complete.  The elevation, speed and heart rate graphs are correct, but the "Heart rate zone analysis" tab only show the suffer score and not the pie chart of time in zones.  The "Power Zone Analysis" tab has no bar chart at all of time in zones and just a weird little squiggly line at the bottom of the x-axis.


    Obviously, not a big issue but it'd be really nice if it that were fixed.



  • Here is how I would propose for this to work:

    1. Indoor running and cycling should be completely separate from outdoor activities.  Different leaderboards, different challenges, different goals, etc.  If you want to climb the leaderboard on miles run then you have to choose one or the other you can't mix treadmill with outdoor. 

    2. When entering an indoor activity, you need to be able to edit the activity to input mileage, calories, etc.  Ideally the app should synch with the actual indoor machines, but based on my experience even with newer machines they have no way to actually connect and transmit metrics via ant/Bluetooth.  The original posting above does a fine job of listing these requirements.


  • Dear Strava. 

    Its about time you fix/integrate indoor training. Every serious cyclist needs to do indoor training during winter. Strava is for serious cyclist, isnt it? 

  • Where in the heck is the support for stationary bike!

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