Mobile App support for indoor (non-GPS) recording

The Strava App for iPhone/Android does not currently have many features in place for stationary trainer or indoor recording. The App requires a valid GPS signal to record data, and will not be able to record good data when indoors with a weak GPS signal. For now, you can always enter your stationary/indoor metrics in a Manual Activity entry within the App or on the Strava website.

If we choose to better support stationary/indoor workouts in the future, what kinds of integrations, support, and features would you like to see on the Strava mobile app? 

Some suggestions we've heard before: 

- Tag activities as stationary trainer from the mobile app

- Fix issues with viewing indoor/non-GPS activities from the mobile app (there are display issues with the data currently)

- Manual entry for Heart Rate, Power and Cadence to an indoor activity.

- Support recording indoors with no GPS signal with ANT+ or BTLE accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. 

- Enter an approximate or estimated distance to an existing activity for cycling done on a stationary trainer without a speed sensor (similar feature suggestion here).

Please send us your feedback and ideas. Thanks! 



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  • Sadly folks, it doesn't seem that Strava is interested in supporting folks that use trainers.  Mapmyfitness has addressed this.  PearSports does a great job incorporating a chest strap.  I've given up on Strava and have gone back to MAPMYRIDE.  Seriously, this conversation has been going since May of 2014.  What ev!

  • MMR is definitely getting the message out to their folks... and probably stealing customers from Strava at the same time.   From their new challenge.

  • Everyone has this issue spot on... It is VERY frustrating that when I record running miles to my Strava profile that it does not count against my challenges AND when I why can we not add a spin bike to the bike options so that when your feed is published to facebook etc it does not show a 0.0 mile workout...!  Especially frustrating if you have completed a killer session!

  • The feedback on this thread regarding indoor recording with the Strava mobile app is great. Thanks for all your comments, and combined they help us determine what course of development we should take in the future. 

    Unfortunately, we don't have anything planned for 2015 to address these issues. Later in the year we hope to revisit the product feedback here to see if we can do some work to improve our indoor recording experience for next winter (Northern Hemisphere).

    Please keep your comments coming! 

  • This:

    - Support recording indoors with ANT+ or BT accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. This would mean the Strava app would NOT require a GPS signal to record data such as time and accessory data.


    AND this:

    Assign a suffer score to the indoor ride based on HR and use it in the Fitness and freshness feature. Seriously this is such an obvious shortcoming that it makes the feature (which I value greatly and pay for) really substandard!

  • OK Strava,  you want to be taken seriously by committed athletes that train indoors in the winter or use Turbo trainers for intervals?  Or should we just get going with TrainingPeaks and drop any premium subscription with you?  Just kitted out a track bike with Bluetooth LTE so my iPhone can be used to record track sessions.  Oh no, it cant because Strava only thinks you are moving if the GPS signal say so......   Sadly Velodromes have metal roofs and turbo trainers don't move.  So its back to using a Garmin device as a data logger, Might as well use Training peaks or Garmion connect for the analysis...

    Come on, add a stationary trainer button to your iPhone app and allow for the BTLE speed sensor to record linear speed...      Not exactly a big undertaking

  • All Strava cyclist train indoors
    Look after Your strava community clients upgrade your service offer to include the ability to upload indoor sessions No Brainer
  • As a new rider just gearing up, I have spent the NY winter bulding my first decent bike. Now comes the time to decide on a way to capture my data.  Without a way to track training "miles", I'm going to look elsewhere for a good app....

    I had heard such good things abut Strava....this is a real disappointment.

  • I was going to make the move to Strava from MapMyRide as I have some ppl I coach on Strava.  But I do alot of indoor training.  With MMR you put in a wheel type, ie 700c x 23  and it can calculate your speed - just like cyclocomputers.   When I tried Strava it was a no go for speed.  It picks up my HR and Cadence/Speed sensor but without GPS it shows me stationary.  In Settings it showed my HR and Cadence so I knew it was connected.  Only after reading this I knew I couldn't use Strava.

  • It seems contradictory that Strava promotes Sufferfest training videos but does not provide a reasonable and meaningful way to record the workouts.

    As others have pointed out. Most if not all serious cyclists (and runners) train indoors during bad weather, and to exercise during off hours.

    It is really a no-brainer, and frankly with all that a smartphone is capable of it seems a waste to buy a Garmin or some other metrics tool just to record indoor workouts.

  • I'm a new Strava user and just added Premium membership.  I thought this was going to be my single app for recording all my athletic activities, replacing MapMyRide and MapMyFitness.  However, I was very surprised to discover the inability for the iOS app to record indoor activities.

    This seems like such a basic feature.  I don't understand why it has been left out.  Is there some major technical difficulty I'm not aware of that is preventing this from being added?

    I hope this is added soon, or I will have to switch to a different app.

  • There continue to be some great comments on this thread, and we appreciate all the feedback. There aren't any updates in terms of the prioritization of this feature suggestion, but your feedback is being communicated. Thank you! 

  • Dear Elle I'm curious - it is indicated that there is no plan to add any such features to Strava in near future. Though you keep on encourage users to continue adding comments/suggestions. Are we just being pacified......?
  • Dear Elle,


    I really think you need to seriously evaluate this request, prioritize and plan for 2015. From my point of view, this is a feature that has to come from you, and no need for a thread to do this. This is a feature that MUST to be part of this great mobile application.

    And please don’t forget the southern hemisphere, I’m writing from Chile, south America... there is a lot of users over here.


    Best regards,


  • Coming into winter here, but no chance to record my indoor sessions....time to move to another product and drop my premium membership....


  • For Cycling just capture through Trainer road and upload file.

  • I guess we're all making the mistake of thinking that Strava care about developing their training features or appealing to serious athletes who want to log and compare their own data.

    It looks like Strava's aim is to become simply another social networking site, loosely based around logging some training data. That way, of course, they can sell us more stuff.

    Several people I know have discontinued their Premium membership because of this. I have a feeling that if it hasn't changed by the time the weather worsens this year (and lots of us head inside to use our turbo trainers) I'm going to be another one. It's a bit of a shame because Strava has so much potential to do what they do for social networking AND be a training aid, but we're repeatedly told that that's "not a priority".

  • I came across this thread as I'm thinking about investing in a trainer to keep in a gym I have access to at work and thought I'd post my two cents and a viable alternative.

    Much of Strava's business model/core concept is monetizing physical competition by tracking various data obtained by sensors (i.e. GPS, heart rate, cadence) and combining it with GIS data, then applying various mathematical algorithms to it to track and measure individual ride performance and return, average stats per user. While there is some measurable data in rides performed on a trainer, the service is geared towards outdoor/non-stationary rides because most/all of the stats that most people are interested in require GPS data. I think a lot of the frustration being expressed here is over the inability to natively support stationary rides because people not only want a place to track their overall performance, which include stationary rides on a trainer, but none of the apps/services like Strava are geared towards competition. Case in point, think about what the maps generated for stationary rides will look like. Hell, depending on how the mathematical algorithms I mentioned process determine ride speed and distance, you might get incorrect values for distance and speed related information because of the lack of GPS data. I could spend another paragraph arguing that Strava should consider these uses cases and incorporate better tracking for stationary rides, but I digress.

    Admittedly, I came from Endomondo and while trying to import my data into Strava, I came across an open-source project called Tapiriik ( that syncs fitness activities between Garmin Connect, RunKeeper, Strava, TrainingPeaks,, Endomondo, RideWithGPS, TrainerRoad, Motivato, Velo Hero, Epson RUNSENSE and Dropbox (your heart rate, cadence, power, and temperature data syncs too). The FAQ ( explains what the site does in detail, but the cliff notes are that for $2 a year, it'll automatically sync your data. If you think that is too expensive or have privacy concerns, you're free to download and run the code yourself. The annual price tag is so the developer can recoup the hosting costs.

    The solution that I have (potentially) identified is using the Garmin GSC 10 cadence sensor ( to track trainer rides using another app that will record trainer rides using the sensor data (I think I've seen a couple people suggest MapMyRide, but YMMV), and using Tapiriik to have the ride data sync to Strava. I haven't actually tested this theory yet to see if it'll work, but I wouldn't have spent the time typing all this out if I didn't think there was a good chance of it working. If I do end up splurging on a trainer and the cadence sensors and find that this works, I might post a step-by-step workaround for less technologically inclined individuals.



  • FYI, Strava is looking/going to be looking for people to beta test ANT+ sensors on their Android app.

  • Still waiting on this. Would be great to have spinning, stationary bike, treadmill and rowing with input from sensors..


  • I have found a great smartphone app (Android & IOs) to continue training meanwhile Strava decides to do something different. JETBLACK, the good thing is it is integrated with Strava and just linking your accounts every session will be uploaded automatic to your Strava dashboard. Enjoy it.

  • +1 to being able to see and record cadence and HR while watching a Sufferfest video, all from the Android app.

    The Sufferfest videos might be the only feature that I'm using that is available only to premium members, and it gives me some extra motivation to have  them uploaded directly to Strava with the image and distance, but it seems unfair that I can't get my heart rate and suffer score as part of that ride data.

    Maybe I should cancel my premium subscription, buy a Garmin, and subscribe to Sufferfest directly...

  • Definitely need this, I'm looking at moving to another app now.

  • I just cancelled my premium membership due to lack of support for indoor training, sad because it is a great app out doors. Such a simple thing g to change....
  • I got a Wahoo Tickr X. Though Strava for iOS recognized its "Speed and Cadence sensor" as well as "Heart rate sensor", the final activity I synced and reviewed on desktop show me only the heart rate curve, and the cadence curve is missing.

    If I record activity using Wahoo Fitness for iOS and then send to Strava, the activity on desktop will show the cadence curve correctly.

  • Hi elle,

    I just joined strava yesterday and this is my first look at the forum, and i came across this notice as its an area i;m interested in.

    I was just wondering if there was any further information available on the likelihood of indoor recording functionality being added in the near future, particularly with the seasons about to change (...and about to change for the worse in my hemisphere).





  • I'll +1 most of the sentiment on this thread. Strava has a winning app here. My $.02 is wishing for a simple label of "indoor activity" that records HR/sensor data and manually add distance/type of activity to your heart's content. To maintain the integrity of the data do not include this in the leader board standings. Strava just released a "Commute" label, do the same thing and create an indoor label so everyone knows that the data is self reported or worst case inaccurate sensor data.  

    This will help motivate people to use the app, track their fitness, and motivate. I am teetering on cancelling my premium membership because I can appreciate the value of the gps correlated competition data, but for half the year in Wisconsin its not possible to exercise outdoors. 

    I've been recommending that a relative use this who is overweight and pre-diabetic. They are not tech savvy and are only using the app because I asked her to use it and bought her a bluetooth HR monitor. It will serve her no good in winter and that motivational tool will be gone. This person has been overweight for over 30 years, and this socially connected exercise app is the most compelling tool I have seen to get her back to a healthy life. 


    Please Strava, I dont know what your goals are, but I hope my use case adds some direction for a product with so much real world potential. 



  • Yes yes yes. Recently joined the gym for some lunch time training so this would be very helpful. 

    In a round about way you can currently do it, I record my activity with endomondo (because it supports my ANT+ HR monitor) export it to strava and all HR data is available. But you can't edit the distance, so you have to upload a manual activity with distance and time in it. 


    Being able to edit distance  would make this  much slicker, along with average cadence and sm for Rowing 

  • I have found a great smartphone app (Android & IOs) to continue training meanwhile Strava decides to do something different. JETBLACK, the good thing is it is integrated with Strava and just linking your accounts every session will be uploaded automatic to your Strava dashboard. Enjoy it.

  • Apple Watch Integration would be greatly appreciated (Heartrate).

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