Mobile App support for indoor (non-GPS) recording

The Strava App for iPhone/Android does not currently have many features in place for stationary trainer or indoor recording. The App requires a valid GPS signal to record data, and will not be able to record good data when indoors with a weak GPS signal. For now, you can always enter your stationary/indoor metrics in a Manual Activity entry within the App or on the Strava website.

If we choose to better support stationary/indoor workouts in the future, what kinds of integrations, support, and features would you like to see on the Strava mobile app? 

Some suggestions we've heard before: 

- Tag activities as stationary trainer from the mobile app

- Fix issues with viewing indoor/non-GPS activities from the mobile app (there are display issues with the data currently)

- Manual entry for Heart Rate, Power and Cadence to an indoor activity.

- Support recording indoors with no GPS signal with ANT+ or BTLE accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. 

- Enter an approximate or estimated distance to an existing activity for cycling done on a stationary trainer without a speed sensor (similar feature suggestion here).

Please send us your feedback and ideas. Thanks! 



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  • I would just like to be able to record my power data from my power meter as well as my data from my heart rate monitor while riding my trainer.  I don't care about logging my miles. Is this possible?

  • You supposedly support workouts.  I just want to record my HR on mobile strava while I'm doing it.  How about something simple that allows the mobile app recording to continue while stationary.  It would be nice to get a TSS from that too, but at least a valid HR while stationary.  I'm travelling and my bike is at home;  the gym is the only option. Strava is not much of a training log if I can't record all my activities  AND include some record of how hard I worked

  • We need this.

  • It really should be a higher priority.  As a premium member attempting to use the Strava app for my primary cycling computer the lack of trainer function is really disappointing.  I wouldn't want my trainer time to record any kind of mileage because I like to track my Strava miles as far as how many really miles I've traveled.  I like that my time on the trainer counts towards my hours on the bike though.  Getting that info into Strava is frustrating though.  I really wish I could put my phone on my bike and use the app to view cadence, HR, power, etc. just like I do on a regular ride.  I really think this is a serious lack of functionality for the Strava app to really be considered a substitute for a dedicated cycling computer.  

  • I want to be able to enter 2 decimals for distances.

  • When is Strava going to recognize Velodrome training. Given the interest in Track racing world wide, and the fact that it is actual kilometres or miles traveled, I cannot understand why there is not a category for this. Unlike rollers or stationary trainers, you actually move through space and travel a measurable distance. I ride an average of 1200 km a month at a velodrome, yet it's pointless to enter any of the distance challenges on Strava because you refuse to recognize distances traveled around a 250 metre track as a valid ride.

    Otherwise, I think Strava offers a useful service, and in my case, a good means of measuring performance.

  • Is there a list anywhere of what your priorities are? I see a lot of 'we arent working on that' but never 'this is what we are doing'.

  • ^^ counting the money? They're certainly not fixing problems. This is the problem when something becomes too big.

  • I'm interested in particular in being able to record HR for stationary workouts and then enter the various other details once completed, so that it contributes to my overall log and suffer score and recovery times etc.

  • We really need the ability to record stationary usage for our training log. Many of us are traveling and the only option is to do some of the units in a hotel/stationary bike. 

    all that would be required is the ability to manually add the # of km/miles and the Watts..

    Even better, you could just allow for a sync ability to garmin connect. then I can add it there (which many of us do) and when it get's syncronized, it would also be added to Strava. now it only syncronizes once right after the activity is recorded, thus missing out on the added information in garmin connect. 

    km and watts is information that many of the stationary bikes give anyway and it is a relevant measure of the quality of the workout. 


  • Looking for a way to combine Wahoo TICKR data with a manual Strava entry

  • As suggested many times in earlier comments, I would like to be able to enter additional information for indoor rides and rowing. Ideal would be importing the data from Concept2, but being able to add HR, Pace, Calories, Watts etc manually would also work.  

  • Why is it so difficult for Strava to consider an indoors training as a real exercise. Everyone else does it, all the other apps I use (Cyclemeter, Wahoo, Garmin Connect) do it.

    Just add all the necessary parameters people want to log, mark the activity as indoors / stationary / workout or whatever and summarise the results separately from normal GPS outdoors rides / runs so it's clearly distinguished on the profile.

    Or ideally, give people an option to choose if they want  to include those in totals.

  • This seems to be pathetic... After starting to train on the rollers since winter time is coming up I was not amused to find that my workouts on the roller are not counted towards miles ridden, no to the use of my gear (all of the mechanical parts of my bike are being used and wear, so this is also a major concern).
    After finding this out, i have been reading on the forums about this lacking support from Strava on the stationary trainer issue.. I think Strava's statement that it has not been a focus is pathetic... 

    For programmers it should be easy to have a setting:
    "Use distance data from recording device,
     Use Strava's correction algorithm based on GPS data"

    More than 3 years, people have been training on stationary trainers, and Strava ignores them? That is pretty sad if I'm asked for my opinion.

  • I've taken up indoor cycling this winter at my Gym using either a Keiser Spinner or Watt Bike. With the Keiser this is very much un-integrated with technology, so I've bought a Wahoo Tickr X to capture HRM and Cadence, which works well. 

    Very disappointing to see that when it's sent to Strava, I see no Cadence data in the App, need to go to the PC for that and also I can't manually enter a distance, even though the Keiser gives me this at the end of my ride. 

    However it's all very doable, as when the Wahoo Fitness App posts to MapMyRide, I can see cadence in the App and then also edit the activity to add distance - proper job. 

    Looks like after 3 years since this thread started, the chances of anything changing are unlikely, so I've cancelled my Strava Premium membership and now signed up to MVP. 

  • I would love to know what your developers are working on if developing the indoor aspect of training is not a priority?

    You have integrated indoor training plans and videos, yet no way to record the actual activity in its full which is the whole point of Strava in the first place!

  • Since Strava development isn't taking this requirement seriously - 2.5 years and counting so far, how about this:

    Can someone recommend a viable alternative app at similar cost for Premium-like features PLUS the indoor training features so completely lacking in Strava? Better yet, if there's an app that would allow (bulk) imports of activity exported from Strava and already has a critical mass of users, we can all make a clean break.

    Yeah, it's a drag to have to join a new community and get up to speed on a new app, but clearly Strava has no interest in supporting this requirement. What are peoples thoughts, for example, on:

    • Map My Ride
    • Run Keeper
    • Endomondo
    • Wahoo Fitness

    Again, looking for a complete, total replacement of Strava, because they obviously don't care..


  • @Tom, as mentioned in my earlier post, I've found Map My Ride to be good for indoor cycling. My Wahoo X collects HR and Cadence data and via Wahoo Fitness posts to MMR. The MMR App shows the cadence (which Strava App does not) importantly I can then add distance manually, which most spin bikes will show (again Strava does not support such an edit to the entry). Fortunately I've been using Garmin Connect (for outside cycling) or Wahoo Fitness (for Indoor) to post to both Strava and MMR, so don't have a migration issue, so can't advise on this. 

    I've cancelled my Strava Premium and signed up for MMR Premium, I guess if many more "vote with their feet" then Strava might change stance. 

    What I have found is that Strava are supporting indoor cycling but via other partners. For example the Watt Bike at my Gym allows my iPhone to be connected with the Watt App, collect all Speed/Distance/Cadence/HR data and then post to Strava including the location of the gym - this works very well, but then as a Watt Bike costs over £2000 then you expect it would be! I guess other platforms like Zwift can do the same (but not tried). 

  • I would like better support (ie. any support!) for indoor non-Tacx trainers/rollers.  Unfortunately Strava does not seem to have a development/customer support team that really "caters" to requests of people, paying "premium" member or free-account members...

    I can tell you that I've been requesting "photo upload via webpage from computer" for quite a while.  The behavior exhibited is that a group of users add their requests (like 300 or 400) to a thread, Strava reps say that it is being considered but there is no definite timeline due to the fact that "Strava is a small company and we don't have unlimited resources" or some such rationalization... and then they shut that thread, link it to a new thread... and the requests keep accumulating.


    Same behavior here... the older thread with these requests for indoor trainer support was closed, they "migrated" the discussion to this thread, and now after 3 or 4 years Strava users are still asking for this feature and support.


  • I've gone back to run keeper as about 1/2 of my running &  cycling workouts are stationary...

  • a piece of code would to that. no need to prioritize anything.

    strava is already loosing premium users to gps computer brands owned community.

    whenever i comment or request something the same answer:  "not our priority". come on they should have been there from the beginning. 

    by the way is too expensive to become premium user. 

  • It should bw priority A! I have plenty of indoor training at winter. And I have to use different app to track and view it. Just because Strava not capable of. There are little changes needed to support it. But thouse changes required at almost all strava apps and services...

  • Getting a little tired of having to handle indoor bike/treadmill workouts - watch supports indoor running and biking - but is often off in mileage quite a bit for running (typically off by 10%).  Also for indoor rides - I have no speed sensor on gym spin pretty much just get a great HR miles.

    Sure would be nice to plug in my spin bikes avg and max Watts and distance.   Instead I have to create a 1second ride.... for the 20miles....    i'll make do... just annoying.

    Also for my wife - she just enters manual treadmill workout into Garmin.... doesn't get transfered to strava !  Because it doesn't have gps data...wth

  • As a premium member, I too would welcome a way to record indoor trainer riding. 

  • Sorry to hear Nick, 

    Regarding your wife, that is very true. The only solution is to enter the data manually into Strava as well. 

    As for your request, it seems similar to the post on manually entering distance for an indoor workout.  The only current workaround to this situation is to create a new, separate manual entry for the same workout to document the distance. 

    Thanks, we're collecting this and the other feedback trends here to consider for improvements to our app. 

  • @ Elle - how many more years do you need to finish considering improvements?

  • If by the end of this year there is no update or indication that this feature is being considered, I am going to drop STRAVA al together. I use Wahoo Fitness on the road and Golden Cheetah at home. I then use a spread sheet that allows me to view miles, speed, HRM, Cadence, and Estimated K-calories per day, week and month. Plus I can calculate averages. Golden Cheetah does this also but I am unable to view the data remotely. Wahoo Fitness still has an issue where HRM is recorded correctly but not exported correctly. I like Wahoo Fitness on the road because it allows me to view that data I want to view. Strava does not have certain features that I like. Also Wahoo fitness does export the data correctly to Strava. I then export that data from strava to Golden Cheetah. That is a lot of work to get both trainer and road data in one place!!! Golden Cheetah can also handle smart trainers and adjust resistance on the fly or per work out. By the way, you can record your workout using Golden Cheetah and then export / share to strava. All data is there. I sure would like to just use one APP!!

  • Yes indeed, Strava has giving the "we're collecting data" for a number of years.. we support development with our membership, if there is no improvement soon... I will also drop subscription..


  • Endomondo has that function. I think I will stop using Strava.. 



  • I'd vote for stationary trainer support. Its the only way I get a workout for several months of the year owing to winter weather and 2 small children.

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