Mobile App support for indoor (non-GPS) recording

The Strava App for iPhone/Android does not currently have many features in place for stationary trainer or indoor recording. The App requires a valid GPS signal to record data, and will not be able to record good data when indoors with a weak GPS signal. For now, you can always enter your stationary/indoor metrics in a Manual Activity entry within the App or on the Strava website.

If we choose to better support stationary/indoor workouts in the future, what kinds of integrations, support, and features would you like to see on the Strava mobile app? 

Some suggestions we've heard before: 

- Tag activities as stationary trainer from the mobile app

- Fix issues with viewing indoor/non-GPS activities from the mobile app (there are display issues with the data currently)

- Manual entry for Heart Rate, Power and Cadence to an indoor activity.

- Support recording indoors with no GPS signal with ANT+ or BTLE accessories, such as Heart Rate monitors, Cadence and Power meters via the mobile app. 

- Enter an approximate or estimated distance to an existing activity for cycling done on a stationary trainer without a speed sensor (similar feature suggestion here).

Please send us your feedback and ideas. Thanks! 



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    Sorry folks, improving our indoor/stationary workout view is not a top priority for us at this time. Please continue to leave your comments, feedback, and ideas for improvements as we will pull heavily from this thread when the time comes! 


  • Indoor rowing should be included in the menu… adding info manually should be an option or downloading it via Concept2 rowing machine App.


  • Having "stationary trainer/rollers" in the activity type drop down menu would be good. Simply recording the time spent exercising (according to presses of 'record' & 'stop') with sensor activity would be appreciated. I understand why these wouldn't be logged onto the distance challenges etc, but it would be great for a fitness log. GPS should be turned off automatically when choosing that activity to stop the sporadic "jumping" that occurs otherwise.

    e.g. Using rollers, I choose "stationary trainer". Wearing my HRM, linked to the app as normal, I press record, and continue with my workout. At the end, I press stop and upload. Heart rate over that time is uploaded with Strava Suffer score calculated as normal.

    I really don't see why this can't be implemented as many people stated in the old thread, plenty of other free fitness apps allow this kind of tracking, and sadly need to be used, to export the data and upload to Strava. (In which case I might as well just use the other apps for a fitness log anyway).


    Seems simple enough to me.

  • Just became a premium user, thinking of moving off of Map my ride.  I use a speed and cadence sensor and while Strava shows that it is connected, does not have a way to indicate that I am using my trainer vs doing a road ride.  The time and distance showing on the dashboard are way off.  Strava team, go use MapmyRide and just work to get to parity with their feature around indoor riding.  This has been a request from your most avid members since the beginning of 2013 from reading Zendesk and other forums.    Love your app but need a little more before I can make the switch permanently.



  • I can't believe that Strava team is ignoring those of us that have to train indoors during the winter. The 'official' explanation given there (by Elle) is awful and as anti-customer as I have seen.

    I will be dropping my premium membership, as it appears that I am not the type of customer that Strava is looking to attract.

    I can't believe that some stubborn belief at corporate is keeping all of us from from entering info on a treadmill run.  It's not that it is not possible, it is that Strava will not do it.  


  • Would love a better method for recording distance on my indoor training rides. Currently, I use mapMyFitness for tracking this as it does a better job and lets me edit the miles/distance after the fact. Would be a great idea here. I can't / won't simply record this as a workout for the same reasons above (Time + HRM and other possible sensor inputs). I have considered premium support, but this is one of the key areas that i would love to see improved. During the winter ... I have many more indoor rides than outdoors and keeping track of distance ... for logging is just too important. 

  • Why is it so hard to give us the option to enter our hr data manually...? This is not a heavy programming request. I'm a premium user and this app just sucks for being able to add stationary workouts. I don't want two apps one for outside and one for in. Come on, Strava. Don't let mmr be a fast follower.
  • Elle, that's stupid. It's not even hard to do, Strava clearly aren't bothered about their users, as if we didn't know that already.

  • You supposedly support workouts.  I just want to record my HR on mobile strava while I'm doing it.  How about something simple that allows the mobile app recording to continue while stationary.  It would be nice to get a TSS from that too, but at least a valid HR while stationary.  I'm travelling and my bike is at home;  the gym is the only option. Strava is not much of a training log if I can't record all my activities  AND include some record of how hard I worked

  • Since Strava development isn't taking this requirement seriously - 2.5 years and counting so far, how about this:

    Can someone recommend a viable alternative app at similar cost for Premium-like features PLUS the indoor training features so completely lacking in Strava? Better yet, if there's an app that would allow (bulk) imports of activity exported from Strava and already has a critical mass of users, we can all make a clean break.

    Yeah, it's a drag to have to join a new community and get up to speed on a new app, but clearly Strava has no interest in supporting this requirement. What are peoples thoughts, for example, on:

    • Map My Ride
    • Run Keeper
    • Endomondo
    • Wahoo Fitness

    Again, looking for a complete, total replacement of Strava, because they obviously don't care..


  • Endomondo has that function. I think I will stop using Strava.. 



  • What I find •really• confusing is that I used Strava for the first time yesterday on an indoor treadmill run. I had audio cues turned on and auto-pause turned off. All the way through the run I was given accurate mile announcements (at 1.6km, 3.2km etc according to the treadmill). My heart rate was displayed and so on.

    However when I completed the run, I couldn't save it because there was no GPS data! Even though the data captured was accurate, I wasn't even given the option. All I can do is 'Resume' or 'Discard'.

    With Nike+ Run Club (from whom I've migrated after months of helping them troubleshoot other technical bugs) at least I was given the options to (a) mark a run as an indoor run and (b) save it.

    The Apple Watch allows me to run indoors.

    If Strava is capturing the data as I run, it seems trivial and sensible to enable customers to save it (and then edit it if it's not completely in sync with treadmill data, for example).

  • Completely agree with Rob DeLanoy. I'm following a training programme which includes treadmill, indoor bike, elliptical trainer and yoga as well as running. Whilst I don't expect Strava to add yoga to its supported activities, Rob's approach seems like a no-brainer. Yesterday I ran indoors. I uploaded my run to Strava only to have it immediately automatically download and a 'duplicate' created in the Activity App on my Watch / iPhone. This means my Move and Exercise data is completely wrong.

    It would be so much easier - and far more accurate - if I could just upload my Apple Activities (for indoors) to Strava. This would prevent duplication at the very least.

    Whatever approach, something needs to happen. Strava cannot continue to ignore requests for such an important feature from its user base.

  • I stopped using Strava ever since I started supporting my outdoor activities with indoor activities.

    Seems you have 6 pages worth of people here wanting it, that is, people that made it to this page.  I stopped using mine about 3 months ago and just now found this page due to a support ticket I submitted.

    I understand your barrier with GPS signal.   So skip that, and work on importing data from excercise machines like some of the other fitness tracking apps do.

    Get on board or get left behind.

  • I would like to see more support for indoor HR Zone training.  For this, I really only care for average HR and elapsed time. It's very frustrating that I can't even change to stationary trainer, on the mobile app, before I begin or even right after I finish the session.  I have to change it on the full site afterwards. As a Premium member, I do take advantage of the Sufferfest training videos. Once you complete those videos, it gives you the option to upload it as a workout. It shows the calculated average speed, calories, HR. Everything like it was an outdoor ride. So why can't this be applied to standard stationary training? I do appreciate everything Strava offers, but emphases on this feature would, to me,  make it nearly perfect. Thanks, Jerry A.

  • Effectively, indoor rides work's great every where but not on Strava, sometimes i'm wondering why i choose to be a premium user if I can't see my HR/Cadence data after suffering in my kitchen on interval trainings…



  • Let me first start off by saying that Strava wants our GPS (and other) data for their own marketing reasons, not for us to be able to keep track of our rides - we see it as a reason to download the App for FREE but they see it as a way of getting location information from us and the people we follow. So with that said, some of our requests will not have the priority you think they will, because it’s not important to them and their current business model. I do not have any inside information of Strava but I do not many app developers who have developed many FREE apps and charges many thousands and 10s of thousands of dollars for the work - just to give it away for free or the hopes of a premium upgrade? Think again.  Now I realize that in order to track the ride and record performance on the segments, GPS is required, and therefore why not use that to also track speed - I get it and that part does make sense - otherwise the SC sensor would register Speed - notice there is no way to pair up a Speed only sensor. Having a speed sensor would also enable us to keep track of accurate mileage when the GPS signal is lost. Personally I feel that if a speed senor is detected you should be able to choose if you want the GPS to calculate Speed or the Sensor - My DigiFit app does that.

    For those who train on a trainer and are not concerned about distance apparently only workout is one fashion. There is value in having distance as an indicator of improved performance - especially if you don't have a power meter. I will occasionally ride a TT on my trainer using only preserved effort - how hard can I go for 10, 25 or 50 miles and how long did it take or how far did I go in a given amount of time.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love what Strava does, but it's pretty much an athlete’s social networking motivational game really. If you want real data there are better apps, but it’s the social part of it and the bragging rights to prove that you're working out and beating your buds - along with a little data that hooks ya.

    I use the Wahoo Fitness Bluetooth HR monitor and SC sensor. All summer I have been using the DigiFit app on my iPhone mounted to my stem using the RokForm case and stem mount. The DigiFit app isn't all the pretty to look at but the text is large and the dashboards can be set up any way you want them (and you can flip through them during your ride) - unlike Wahoo fitness dashboards which are preconfigured. But DigiFit does not share with Strava :( I intend on trying the Wahoo Fitness App on my trainer to see what I get but if Strava will not collect the distance data then that's kind of a bummer and I will likely kiss it goodbye for any offseason training as I want all my training sessions (outdoor winter rides, indoor trainer rides, runs, cross country skiing, etc.) in one place, not on different apps.

    But hay, I hope I have Strava all wrong and that their real interest is in providing a great all-around fitness app with a social aspect for FREE – with the hopes that you will go premium. But if they can’t sell GPS data from your basement,  living room, or gym then I kind of doubt they are going to put too much effort in developing this – unless here were a competitor who will…

  • I'm interested in particular in being able to record HR for stationary workouts and then enter the various other details once completed, so that it contributes to my overall log and suffer score and recovery times etc.

  • I've gone back to run keeper as about 1/2 of my running &  cycling workouts are stationary...

  • Never knew about Strava until I got my Peloton bike, was going to pay for Strava but I can't sync indoor workouts with heart rate because of some GPS requirement. It's ridiculous that Strava has not allowed this yet, it's obvious they can as they are allowing my Peloton without gps. Looks like I won't be a paying Strava customer.

  • Yes Joe R, that's all I want too.  Time and HRM data recorded and uploaded.  Optional manual adding of distance etc on turbo or rollers afterwards, if the turbo is not kitted out with fancy sensors, which mine isn't



  • Any updates on when this might be released?  I also support Joe R's comments and agree with Sean C that distance could be recorded (or manually entered for a stationary activity - such as a treadmill run) but wouldn't count in various challenges.

  • I would really like to see better incorporation of turbo trainers in to Strava. I don't mind distance not being recorded; after all I'm not going anywhere. However, it is currently very disappointing that despite my Garmin Edge 510 recording my workout time, heart rate, cadence and power, these useful sources of information which can be interrogated in Garmin are not pulled through properly in to Strava. It would seem appropriate to configure ride time from the cadence or power sensors because clearly if these aren't registering data, one is not pedalling. Following on from this, I'd like to see a monthly challenge for 'ride time'. Badges could be rewarded for every 10 hrs of ride time (which includes all ride time inside and outdoors) resulting in a trophy for 40 or more hours in a month for example. This may also give more encouragement for beginners who may not be able to chalk up the big distances but are willing to put in the time. Cheers
  • I just wanted to echo Keith's constructive explanation above.  I use a CompuTrainer during the winter (but also sporadically in the summer) and I like keeping tabs on my total workout volume in Strava.  So I import my ride into Golden Cheetah and export it as a .tcx file and then upload it to Strava.  Stationary/indoor exercise is a vital part of training for many, due to schedule or weather, but it is also a huge opportunity for Strava to make an otherwise solo experience more social.  I would suggest that Strava reach out to the various makers of stationary bike & treadmill equipment and see if there are ways to streamline the uploading of ride data.

  • +1 for HR data saved on an indoors (Stationary / Roller) session with GPS off. Stationary/indoor is regular due to schedule (3 to 5 per week) and will increase sometimes due to weather. Frustrated that the upgrade to premium has yielded nothing for the indoor HR regime. Think Strava is great and don't use other monitors (know the cadence and speed for me is only relevant when I get there though am considering power) - and don't want to complicate things with an intermediary app for part of the regime - would be more inclined to move to something else.

    Capability to save data that is clearly received and monitored by the app when doing stationary exercise would be a brilliant (and natural) enhancement.

  • Compatability with all third party apps and devices should generally be supported. All data should be transferrable from the indoor machiens /devices wether it uses BT or ANT, ANT+ and or new tecknologies. It should as a MINIMUM support machines/devices like the Concept 2 rowing machines w PM 4 which are very popular, but also devices like Cycleops and Keiser trainers, and other stronmg indoor brands. Strava should, in order to excel and stand out from the rest of workout apps and alteratives, strive for maximum interoperability /compatability so as to make recording and logging of training as easy as pie for its users, wether dedicated cyclists or runners. Than Strava will prevail. This willl become increasingly important now that Apple enters the fray w its own Apple Watch and there will be loads of new apps and communeties that will latch onto this watch. The KOM/QOM/CR and other speed /competitive features should remain unadalterated and such records should only count when set outdoor w a GPS:

  • Is there a plan for when these stationary trainer features will be added?  I do not have another device to track my workouts and would rather not switch to another app for the winter/manually add workouts.

  • I would like to simply be able to record an indoor trainer session without turning on GPS or the use of sensors...I train by time and RPE. I just want to record the time without having to do a manual entry (seems silly, I know).

  • Okay Strava, I let my Premium membership expire last month and I have no intention of starting it again until at least next spring.  This is because it's useless during the winter months without the ability to record indoor activity.

    It is a shame because i like the rest of the app and would continue to be a premium member if it had the ability to record indoor activity.

    I wonder how much revenue you are losing because you won't add this feature?  I guess not enough to make it worth the effort yet.

  • My solution for indoor cycling was to use Wahoo fitness. This app allows you to export your workouts to Strava, Training Peaks, RideGPS, Garmin Connect and on and on.

    Since Strava requires GPS data, you can't use it for indoor training. Period...until they fix the app to allow tracking of workouts without GPS you shouldn't bother using it for indoor workouts.

    My solution: This may or may not work for you but I use Wahoo fitness app since that allows you to set up different workout types (hiking, weights, cycling, running) and you can have settings for each workout type. For indoor cycling I turn off GPS and set my data sources to bluetooth HR monitor & Wahoo Blue SC device. The Wahoo Blue SC sends speed and cadence to your phone. In my situation I only can record speed since there is only a front wheel on my spin bike.

    If you are lucky enough to have a trainer where you are using your bike then you can collect speed and cadence!

    Now when you complete an indoor ride you have that data recorded and can save it to strava! I posted this on my blog last year.

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