Backcountry ski features


For the Backcountry ski activity type it would be great if you could add a few more analyis features:

- Average vertical elevation gain (in m/hr or ft/hr) This one is especially interesting to backcountry skiers !!

- Maximum slope incline in degrees

- Total vertical descent in m or ft




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  • Being able to mark a backcountry skiing activity as a race so that elapsed time instead of moving time was used would also be useful. Ski mountaineering racing (ISMF) is a popular sport.
    See for example:
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  • Particularly as Kilian Jornet is a promoted athlete on Strava.

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  • I agree, I would love to see some more support and statistics for backcountry skiing, so that I am easily able to calculate vertical for the season

    This would be of more use to lots of user groups who don't really bike much or run..

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  • It would be great to have a better backcountry ski, or skinning, feature on strava. I love to use your app for my weekly skins and notice other users even have segments set up for it. I'm using the running gear function to track my various skis and boots for backcountry or resort skiing. I think the users are out there to justify an improved ski module.

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  • Yes please! But also auto detection for lifts so that this is not counted towards your uphill vert stats. 

    Strava isn't just for cyclists anymore.... 

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  • Can we add the terms, "Skinning" and "Skimo" for options on Activities? Skinning is more about uphill skiing on ski mountains (vs. "backcountry") and might not include a downhill section. 

    "Skimo" is the newer racing style that includes skinning up and skiing down in a race format or skimo training that may included 1 or more laps. 

    Both would be helpful additions to the selections.

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  • I would argue that skimo has been around for quite a while and is not a "newer" style. Mezzalama was first held in 1933, Patrouille des Glaciers in 1943 and Pierra Menta in 1986.

    While skinning is a term used for going uphill, uphill only races are generally referred to as "vertical"

    ISMF refers to 5 race disciplines, sprint, vertical, individual, relay and team. There's also long distance team. I've also raced long distance individual.

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