Extending fitness/freshness graphs to running (and possibly other activities).

Now that HR based fitness/freshness calculations are there I'd expect this to be fairly easy.  And I'm sure many runners/thriathletes out there would really appreciate this!!



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    Hello everyone, a quick update (and sorry for the delay - I didn't find this post right away, but did update this related post right after the release)

    Fitness & Freshness is now available to Premium runners and multisport athletes. Any activities recorded with heart rate data will now be included in your Fitness and Freshness calculations.

    See our blog for an overview. 

    There are a few activity types that do not yet have suffer scores (Nordic Ski and Backcountry Ski) and will not show in the graph. However, we are working right now to get all activity types updated so that any activity with heart rate will be included in the Fitness & Freshness feature. 

  • Ellie - why no explanation on why this can't be implemented??? The feature is useless for those of us who bike AND run. You guys claim to love data. Are there just too few runners on Strava? What's the story?

  • The addition of fitness calculation for running would be a great addition for those of us that cross-train.

  • Can't understand why Fitness & Freshness is not calculated based on heart rate data for running (and for other activities too, btw). I'm trying Strava Premium, but without this feature I can't see what I would be paying for. I'm also trying a competing service (mentioned above), they provide similar feature for all activities with HR data (as far as I can tell), and that's very useful.

  • Seriously, I can't think of any reason to not include this feature, I would really appreciate an explanation - why expending time and resources on the "big 2015 adventures" videos when one of the premium features is broken

  • really don't think I'll go premium without this feature added. I use HR to calculate training load (and therefore fitness & freshness) in SportTracks & it is one of my key training and race preparation tools. I can manually add average HR in the event that I'm not wearing a monitor or lose data for some other reason. Vital

  • Yes training peaks has it. Very important to triathletes.

  • You say it is coming soon, but when?

  • Looks like there are other threads and lots of other users requesting this too!

  • Add me to the voices that would like this for running. I'm a premium member and dual sport athlete but feel like runners are getting shafted here.

  • I have to use trainingpeaks for this... Should not be that hard to add in strava?

  • We runners get injured a lot and depress ourselves with quantitative measures of how quickly we are losing fitness when we take time off to heal. Thanks!

  • When is this being developed for running? It's been promised as "Coming soon" since before I joined Premium, and it's quite frustrating that it's a premium feature that has no use for me since I both run any cycle. Please can we have an update on when this will be extended to running and other sports?

    Thank you.

  • As a Premium user I feel "running" should be a added to the graph as a priority feature. The Fitness and Freshness graph does only take in account half of my activities when training for a triathlon. Please make this a priority feature as I adore what you've done for cycling. Thanks!

  • My legs are knacked but according to the chart I am fresh as a daisy, please add running to the chart so that it is not so useless.

  • Add my vote to this feature. Also fitness needs to accumulate on the same graph like training peaks.
  • Please add running

  • At least you HAD a graph to begin with! Why are runners paying the same for a poorer service? How hard can it be to add this feature? It's been requested for years!
  • Ronnie Glen, didn't think of that but good point.
  • Any update on this feature, adding running to freshness/fitness ?
  • Why this feature is still not available? Wonder why Strava is not even responding to these requests?

  • Could really do with running being added and manual entry as others have said.. If I am away on holiday I can't always take my bike so I run. if it's a two week holiday the graph becomes meaningless. Likewise I needed a replacement HR strap which took a while to turn up again a big gap in the data.

  • +1   Now that it's dark outside at 4pm, I'm running to keep fit. Yet it's not reflected in my Fitness and Freshness graph. Please consider adding this feature.

  • would love to have this feature

  • The learn more box has the text "This feature is currently only available to cyclists, but we hope to make it accessible to runners soon.", so when will this feature be ready for use by the many runners and triathletes in Strava?

  • As the weather is getting worse and the nights darker I'm finding I'm running more as it's quicker to get out the house and less cleaning up. However, my fitness and freshness graph is shot to bits and doesn't reflect my true form as it doesn't count runs. I also do indoor activities like cross trainer which I can add to Strava but don't count. 


    Please could you add these features, the fitness and freshness graph is one of the reasons I went premium but I only cycled at the time. If you add these I'm sure there will be a lot of happy Triathletes/Runners/Swimmers

  • Can you tell us if Strava are working on this please? Need running suffer scores to be reflected in fitness/freshness graph, otherwise its a useless feature (i could run a marathon and it says I'm fresh for more!)
  • Would love to see Fitness and Freshness work with all activities with heart rate data. Very few people are cycling year round but most are still staying active with other modes throughout the winter to maintain or improve their fitness. Most of the year I am cycling but winter I am nordic skiing. Despite maintaining or even improving my fitness, strava shows fitness declining. This kind of makes this premium feature meaningless if it can't account for other activities.

  • Just do what everyone else has done, stop paying Strava and take your money to training peaks.

  • strava's silence on this topic is awkward...

    in the mean time, i suggest you all to try the open source project GoldenCheetah.a lot of information, and recently added features for those who like social sharing.  

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