Please make Personal Heatmaps for all activity types

I can't see why heatmaps are currently limited to cycling and running. I can't imagine that much extra code would be needed to enable this feature for other activity types.

I really want to access my heatmap for hiking, and also for walking. It would allow me to easily see which hills/fells/mountains I've climbed already, and also all the places I've been walking.

What would be even better (but take a lot more work) would be to be able to combine multiple activity types onto one heatmap, with different colours for different activity types.

And while I'm making suggestions for heatmaps, a choice of background map would be awesome - Google landscape, and OSM are ones I'd particularly like. If OS maps could be made available in the UK, that would be great too.



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  • I was a premium/summit member for quite a few years but ai cancelled my subscription because a lot of my riding is now by ebike and most premium functionality just doesn't exist for ebikes. This includes heatmaps, effort analysis and comparisons, mileage goals. Strava, your lack of support for other activities is losing you paying customers.

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  • +1 for heatmaps for all activity types. I'd love to have one for backcountry skiing

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  • Couldn't agree more! All activities would just be a start for updating this feature.

    Have created a more general discussion on heat maps as this thread is specific to activity types only. 



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  • +1

    I just got a subscription and was expecting to see a heatmap of all my activities :(

    I don't see why this feature should be so hard to implement. If anything, the way it works now is more complex to implement because you have to filter activity types.

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  • Absolutely +1 for Hiking. I can't believe Strava have just sat on this suggestion. I don't want to have to go through all my hikes and turn them into runs just so I can get a heatmap of my Lake District walks!

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  • Come on Strava!  It's just another database look-up.  You have all kinds of users logging activities as rides or runs that have nothing to do with riding or running.  These are messing up your statistics on the global heatmaps and possibly messing with suggested routing.

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