Option to make segments bi-directional

When creating a segment, I'd like to specify that its either the direction as I rode it, or bidirectional. 

I imagine it would be another tickbox / checkbox with "make my segment private"

So, a rider / runner could take the opposite direction on the same path, and strava would treat it as a separate segment with its own best-times etc.

In the past I would have to ride the same path in the other direction to make another segment for the other way.

The default for bidirectional would be off, because its not suitable for all segments (like a one-way downhill bike trail)



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  • Even better, make all routes bi-directional, and just make separate uphill/downhill leaderboards. This would definitely clean up the map.

  • Rick - I disagree.  There are segments that are only one-way, because they're dedicated downhills or along one-way roads.

    Also there are some roads where the two sides run far enough apart that a North and a South would not actually work. 

    My request was to make it an option at segment-creation time.


  • Ah, yes, I can see how there could be some problems for bike segments. For running segments, though, I think it would be reasonable for this to be the default. It would also be nice if, if Strava ever implements this, they automatically upgraded all the existing segments to be bidirectional if their stats show that people have already been running those paths both ways.

  • I think it bi-directional segments should definitely have different leaderboards depending on which direction you run/ride on it, but when you are going on a segment in one direction and follow the same path the other way, it is just plain odd that it doesn't register as the same segment (IMO).

  • I agree. Especially while biking it would be useful to be able to compare outbound and inbound efforts on a segment.

  • I use the same course out of my neighborhood for a lot of my routes that may then go in very different directions.  But that section does tend to get a little boring (it's just that it's a safe way to tack 8 miles on to any ride I start).   I just made 2 segments from same section because in general I feel like it'll give me extra incentive to kick it into gear during a mile stretch that sometimes I end up poking on otherwise (and same for other segments along that 8 mile route).  It's not hard to make them but I feel like some of the segments that are already on the map could benefit from this too.   Automatically being bi-directional when made-- but treated as different segments-- seems like it would be a good idea.  Maybe doubling the data is  problem?  I don't know how much resources that takes--either way it would be nice for bi-direction to be an option when making them from here on out.

  • Yes, bi-directional please!

  • yes, option for bidirectional segments, seems fine

    on flatland running it might even be default, with option of making it single direction

  • If they were to do this, there would need to be some feature to allow for naming each direction separately. You don't want the identical name for a segment going two different directions. You typically would add in something like "south" or "uphill". We often name our segments totally different names depending on the direction for our mountain bike or snow bike segments to keep things interesting.

  • This should have been done long ago.

    Every time I want to add a segment with the opposite direction, they say they found the opposite. So instead of creating a new one they could say "are you doing a two-way segment?"

    I like to ride in both directions of my routes / segments, especially those that are flatter.

  • As a complete newcomer, is the current solution to go and manually create duplicate segments, just going opposite direction?

  • Rihards - Yes, you have to actually rid/run a segment to be able to create it from your file, so you would have to ride/run it in the opposite direction if you wanted to create a segment in that direction.

  • Thanks. Passing the segment is not a problem, the manual setup both ways is cumbersome and results in a little bit worse segments (cannot choose a perfect trace).

    Given that this thread is 4 years old, bi-directional segments are not that likely to appear this month. Went ahead and added both directions manually.

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