Add running cadence data from smartphones

I see some of my friends who use those fancy Garmin watches get cadence data for their runs.  I am sure that with all the accelerometers in these smartphones (and smartwatches) we could easily get cadence data that way.  I'd imagine this would be a reasonably easy feature to add and would be another great insight to our runs.


What do ya say guys?!



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  • Runkeeper has it since iPhone 5s. Please add it to Thanks!

  • I would have expected that the motion sensor can be used in order to measure ones pedal rpm. i use my phone in my side pocket and counts the steps each time i workout. Could you please add this to the features so we have rpm without an extra sensor?

    Thanks for your time!

  • Yes think this could be add quite easily and not for just running, would probably work with other sports cycling, rowing etc.

  • I agree! Should be handy for cycling as well!

  • Runkeeper already has this. Please add it to Strava!

  • Yes, PLEASE!

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