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To improve the quality and also reduce the number of segments I propose that Strava make the segments editable by the community and not just the person who created the segment. Currently there are many redundant segments as well as many where the start and end points could should be altered to avoid obstacles or corners. Also, many segments simply have spelling errors in the name.

Allowing anyone to edit a segment has obvious potential for abuse. To this end I suggest restricting this power to Strava members of good standing (premium, lots of miles, etc.) who have logged many miles on the segment in question. Also, the ability to comment on segments would also provide a forum for user to suggest potential edits.



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  • I totally agree with this. It's frustrating when a time trial segment has the start too early, thus while waiting in the queue that time is being counted toward the time trial effort. There are a couple of time trials I've had to create redundant segments just to be able to move the start up a few yards (so the time actually begins AFTER you cross the start line).

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  • Very much need this. Some areas have way too many segments for the same trail and many are wrong.

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  • Or let us suggest changes and the creator has 10 days to approve/deny them before they go into effect.

    At minimum let us fix the misspelled street names, my OCD cannot handle this.


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  • Obviously this request is dead but I agree.  Too many segments start just before an intersection limiting the segment to 1 of 3 possible entries. Not to mention possibly waiting for the light.  Or the segments that are created with bad GPS data that wander into the woods long enough that they aren't picked up.  One solution is to just make a new segment but that just creates extras.  If you could make a new one and have a voting system to remove the one with bad segment data it would be great.

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