Sync Routes from Strava to Garmin device

I love the mapping and routing capabilities on Strava. I love being able to find a route that friends have done and then go do that same route. It's obviously very easy to view that route while riding on a smart phone with the Strava app running. However I recently purchased a Garmin Edge 1000 for my cycling GPS and it's certainly lacking in some mapping features. In order to bring a route from Strava to the Garmin, it's a multi-step process. Download the GPX file to your computer, hook up the Garmin to the computer via USB, then manually transfer the file from your computer to the Garmin. It takes longer than it really should. Imagine if you could search for a new route on Strava desktop or mobile app, then seamlessly send that route to your device or to Garmin Connect?! This would be a game changer. Would love to see this feature in a future update...


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    This feature is finally out. You can read our documentation here

  • This would be great, I think the hold up is with Garmin though. The new wahoo elemnt can sync routes wirelessly from strava, and pretty much any other way you can think of, ridewithgps, dropbox etc. 

    The technology and hardware is there and should be very easy, Garmin are really missing a trick here and I'm tempted to ditch them and get a wahoo.

  • +1 for this

  • I believe Garmin may be considering this functionality - thanks for the request Rama! 

  • Any updates with this?

  • I would love this, and i've been considering moving to the Wahoo Elemnt for this, but even they do not have turn by turn with Strava routes synced over the web. 

    Anyway, it looks like Garmin are opening up the ability for developers to do this on their connect IQ enabled devices. Strava would have to build an app for the Edge to enable the sync. I took this quote from the latest Edge 1000 beta software change log...

    • New feature: Downloadable Content. Connect IQ developers now have the ability to download Workouts, Courses, and Waypoints from the web and add them to the device from their app.


  • This is in the works, be sure to follow this post for updates on syncing Strava Routes to your Garmin. 

  • Looking forward to this - hope it will be implemented as a full sync with Garmin Connect, rather than a ConnectIQ app that can pull routes from Strava as that would rule out all but the most recent Edge units. AFAIK, none of the current Forerunners or the Fenix 3's will support downloaded persistent content from ConnectIQ.

  • I am also very much looking forward to this! I hope that the Forerunner 735xt also gets some love as it supports CIQ 2.0 and the persistent downloads necessary.

    I hope it works the same way as the Segments sync functionality.  Meaning "star" a Route on Strava and auto-magically have it appear as a "Course" on the 735xt ...

  • What Mario said +1

  • If your Garmin supports IQ apps, you can use dw maps to sync strava routes via your phone's bluetooth connection.

  • Problem being the step to export the route created in strava. Nice app though

  • You have to connect your account to Strava. After this, you can download all starred routes from the app on your device.

  • Thanks Benedikt.  I personally don't like CIQ Apps in general (no offence for your excellent work) so I am simply waiting for Garmin to provide native support for Strava Routes the same way they support Strava Segments.

  • 3 months have passed without any update. It would be nice to provide status for this task and maybe for other planed features for premium members as well.

  • @Marios: it's not my work and I don't really like the IQ apps either. I would definiteley prefer a native solution by either Garmin or Strava but that doesn't seem to happen :(. So in the meanwhile I use this one.

  • +1 for the feature

    And to follow...

  • Hope this feature is available soon :) 

  • +1

  • Without this, my Garmin 820 doesn't come close to delivering what I need from it. 

    Which product manager/owner do we have to annoy/bribe/stalk to the get this in the next sprint? I'm sure we can even write the use case and user stories - just give us the format :D


  • I love my Garmin devices and I love Strava wanted to get a update on this as well. I route lead Tuesdays and Thursdays at night when mapping is especially important. We have riders in 3 distinct groups that I want riding the same route and we all have Gamins and use Strava. I would love to have a route sync much like my activities sync. Both services have good and bad so they would both benefit from the collaboration.

  • need this for sure

  • Any updates on this?

  • Elle Anderson, any official update on this?  Rough timeline?

  • This would be fantastic.  

  • It could be a very useful enhancement

  • Just checking on whether there is a seamless download from Strava to Garmin 1000?  If not, please post setp by step directions on how to accomplish.

  • Really want to see this functionality. Garmin, don't make me get an Elemnt Bolt!

  • This would be a very useful feature!

  • It is verging on criminal that this functionality hasnt been available for months even years already. It is so basic. My Garmin cost 400 gbp and i cant even transfer a route from strava to garmin connect on my phone to my garmin device without a pc.

    Seriously are we living in the stoneage? It's truly pathetic..

    Reasons i need this:
    My mac never connects to my garmin for some reason. My work pc doesn't allow external usb connections for security reasons. I dont always have a pc with me...

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